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Shabby Chic Birthday Candle

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Shabby Chic Birthday CandleIt's no secret that birthday candles go on birthday cakes.  But do they have to?  Ever inspired by the Shabby Chic approach on life, why not take a vintage candle (I use the term lightly; my mother gave me this plum-scented candle when I was a young girl), and place the beautiful painted tin on a decorative saucer.  Now, light the candle and sing happy birthday.  Even if it's not your birthday, how nice is a scented candle...!
In my opinion it's ever so cute to put the right number of candles on a birthday cake... until the birthday cake is for someone older than about 16... then the cake stops being sweet and starts looking like a towering inferno.
So next time it's birthday time, give the fire-fighter in you a rest, and light one, beautiful, luxurious, tremendously scented candle, and then pop the lid back on and let it be a favorite keepsake from the day.
I hate sounding like a boring, nagger mom (even as I type this the teenager next door is squealing "ah-Mum"), BUT; never, ever leave a candle unattended (I really, truly mean this as a friend of mine melted her toilet cistern and set fire to her favorite towel after she went to get her pajamas on after her bath!) and don't let little children touch candles either; because there's nothing chic about third degree burns.

Now then, enough parenthesis for one post; I'm off to see what I can invent with some fabric flowers and my nieces!

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