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SFR Orienteering Timing System !

By Stodge @stodgeblog

SFR Orienteering Timing System !Over in Russia we will be using the SFR punching system, not EMIT or Sportident.
Ive always found EMIT hard work on a bike, mainly due to its size, although after a whole week of it in Denmark last year I was starting to get more confident with faster punches.

In Russia we have 2 days to get used to a totally new system for us - SFR.

There are various versions of it, but we seem to be using one which is more like EMIT than SI in that a brick has to be place the correct way round in a shoe and it has a backup paper punch card. There is also a separate pod which goes on the fork of the bike, I assume for rolling finishes. With the Sprint being the first event I think the new system could be interesting, lets hope we get lots of time to practice.

Lots of photos of the IOF advisor trying it here http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/o-sport-ru/album/167417/?

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