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Seven Steps to Happiness

By Gran13

smiling 1Everyone has their own way of handling problems and over a long period of time, this is the way that helped me most.

I really worked on myself for years, and in time, came to the conclusion that the more I thought about a problem, the larger it loomed in my  mind. So, I learned, ever so slowly, not to dwell on the past, not to agonize over the future, and to try and live in the here and now. At first it seemed an impossible task, but in time, I learned how to do it. And, my life changed for the better.

We all know that frowning is a negative reaction and that smiling draws people in to our circle. I smiled at the people I met. I smiled at people I barely knew, and some of them even smiled back.

I was a talker. I talked a lot. But, I taught myself to become more of a listener and found how helpful that was because I got to know people better. I am still working on myself on this issue.

Learning to accept takes time and practice but,  it is possible. None of of are perfect so why judge others?

Being active is healthy. Go for it. Swim, walk, jog, surf, ride a bicycle or work out. I work in my garden and walk – when I remember to do so.

Remember the saying; Laugh and the world laughs with  you. Cry and you cry alone? Well, complain less, appreciate more is similar. If I appreciate what is out there to enjoy and stop complaining, I collect friends.

There are people who are afraid to love and fear getting too close to anybody. My advice? Be less fearful and more loving. 

To sum up … Think less, Feel More. Frown Less, Smile More. Talk Less, Listen More, Judge Less, Accept More. Watch Less, Do More. Complain Less, Appreciate More. Fear Less, Love More.

smiling 2


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