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Setting up My Blog, More Content to Come Soon

Posted on the 05 March 2011 by Thecancergeek @thecancergeek

Howdy everyone!  Just a quick opening post from me today since I’ve already spent a few hours working on this today.  I may not get back to this blog for a while, see below…This is not my first foray into the blogging world, but its been >5 years since I last blogged at Xanga. Yes its been that long….

To introduce myself:

I am a PhD student at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Smithville, TX, where I am studying cellular responses to cellular stresses such as DNA damage and ROS.  Grad school has been a long, difficult marathon (almost 7 years!), but I’m now in my final semester (finally!), about to defend my (yet-to-be-written) dissertation in April, and between now and then, I will be attending 2 back-to-back conferences on different coasts, so as you might guess I shouldn’t be spending much time reading/writing other stuff like this….After my defense, I will hopefully have time to start more serious blogging here, as I start transitioning to my TBD postdoctoral position somewhere else.

Apart from cancer research, I enjoy technology (am a Mac and iPhone lover), listening to and making music (I play the flute and played the piano when I was younger), travel when I have the opportunity, and general internet-ty stuff (twitter, forums etc).  At this point, I don’t imagine this blog will be too heavily focused on any one area.  Please let me know how I’m doing once I start some real posts.

If you need to contact me for any reason, feel free to email me: thecancergeek @ google’s email service.

Oh and the obligatory disclaimer: All my posts are my own opinion, and not that of any of my past or present employers.

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