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Serious Skin Care

By Melmeko @melmeko

Serious Skin Care
Anyone who knows me can confirm I have always been smittenwith lotions and potions.  Growing up, inmy circle of friends, I was renowned for my endless array of beautyproducts.  Nothing has changed; except Iam a million times more obsessed these days (Is that even possible? LOL).  Although, I self-diagnosed my skins needs fromthe get go, a few years back, I sought professional advice, which proved to be aneye-opening experience for me. 
Having always claimed to have combination skin, I was dumbfoundedwhen told straight that my skin is of the oily type, eek!  :-o  So, aftertwo decades of purchasing products suitable for combination skin, I neededre-educating about my own skin type and admitted that I had indeed gotten itall wrong.  It’s no wonder products neversatisfied and results never eventuated, I was fighting a losing battle, regardlessof my dedication and commitment.  This skinanalysis in conjunction with expert advise and guidance from my skin caretherapist (Thanks Tembile, I owe you big time) helped me develop a serious, yetfundamental, anti-ageing skin care regime, targeting my skin concerns whilstmaintaining my newly determined, ‘oily' skin. 
I love that my personalised skin care prescription is so versatile,allowing me to chop and change products or brands and giving me the option tointroduce various targeted treatments as needed.  The straightforward routine is quick and easyto follow, catering perfectly to my busy lifestyle, without compromising on theefficacy or outcome.  I like includingnew treatments if required, however I know that using just the basics, adequatelytackles all of my skin problems ensuring that I come up trumps to WIN the fightagainst premature skin aging.
My basic skin care program:
AMSimple 3-step skin care routine. (Cleanse, tone, moisturise)+ Vitamin C therapy+ Treatment products that tackle any of my other skinconcerns (i.e. pigmentation etc) NB: This step is not essential!+ SPF Protection (always the last step prior to any makeup)
 PMSimple 3-step skin care routine (Cleanse, tone, moisturise)+ Vitamin A therapy+ Treatment products that compliment my routine (i.e. eyecream) NB: This step is not essential! (I generally keep the PM treatmentultra basic, as other products could clash or hinder the effectiveness of the highlypowerful Vitamin A)
 WeeklyTreatment Skin Care Mask
I have religiously performed my daily skin care ritual eversince and believe that you have to be prepared to stick it out for the longhaul to achieve your desired results.  Ihave tweaked my products numerous times to get to the stage where I am at now, Idare say I will do so again and again, because it’s is all part of my ongoing journey of establishing my ultimate skin care regime. I am absolutely, 100%, confident, armed with this optimum anti-ageing skincare program, based on my skins individual needs, it will prompt a change in myskin for the better, delivering positive, visible RESULTS. 
Today, my complexion is looking immaculate and I am finally happyin my own skin.  While it’s a bit cliché,I wish I had of known all those years ago, what I know now!  I wouldn’t have neglected my skin, hence theneed to rely on such powerful skin care treatments to try and reverse the signsof premature ageing, caused by damaging external aggressors, which I naivelyallowed my skin to become subject to.  Theimportance of a broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen daily, instead of endless hoursroasting my skin, all in the name of a developing suntan, which later came backto haunt me. The damage is now done and whilst I can’t physically turn back thehands of time, I CAN help slow down the aging process and prevent future skindamage.  Obviously, the changes in ourappearance will be inevitable eventually, but at least I am confident knowingthat my skin care regime allows me to have some control over the rate in which myskin ages, keeping my complexion looking younger and healthier for a bit longer. :)
I will write another blog featuring the products I use in myskin care regime directly and eventually I plan to review each of them too.  There are two morals to learn from this blog;don’t self assess your skin and prevention is better than cure, although if you devote to a strict skin care regime you CAN do battle with the visible signsof aging and come out the victor. ;)
So tell me peeps, are you all serious about your skin careregime?  Do you wish you could go back intime, and if so would you change the way you looked after your skin?

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