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♥ September Empties ♥

By Lipglossaffairs @justsangy
Though i really love the empties and favorites post, i often find myself postponing to write about same. This time it's no different and also i was pretty occupied with things at personal level that i hardly had time to sit and write anything at all. Now the madness of holidays and festival celebrations is over, i do have bit of time here and there to start all over again the ranting and cribbing over the things i have been holding up all this while!!So here's my empties for the month of September ~
♥ September Empties ♥
Sally Hansen Strengthening Nail Polish RemoverI have been using Enliven Nail Polish Remover last 3 yrs religiously and when i ran out of it and couldn't find it anywhere online again, i moved on to try Sally Hansen. Its a well known name for the Manicure and Pedicure Products besides their famous collection of Polishes. So i was assured i wouldn't regret getting this one!!And lucky me its pretty good and definitely i don't regret purchasing it.Priced at 305R on, i find it quite reasonable to spend; when my cuticles don't seem dry after using the remover on nails. And though i don't have brittle nails, all those kitchen chores do often make my nails easily prone to breakage. And since i have been using this, i didn't break my nails as much as i used to earlier. So this one is a Keeper!!
Dove Hair Therapy Dryness CareOne of my most bought and used conditioners, Dove Hair Therapy conditioners are so far the best i have used so far!! More than their shampoos i love their conditioners. And i hardly change the my conditioner where as i prefer to try new shampoos often. So believe me its that good!! Definitely a must buy!!
Himalaya Nourishing Baby OilI have a combination skin and as a ritual i love to massage my skin everyday before bath with few drops of this nourishing baby oil and take that warm water bath. I did observe that this way my skin felt much refreshed and less oily when compared to not using at all. I guess any baby oil would for that matter but after Johnson-Johnson being in news so much for their soaps and oils, i stayed away from every other brand. I somehow love the products from Himalaya, they are not over the top expensive and gives visible results. So this one is going into my re-purchase list for sure.
The Body Shop Tea Tree OilNever in my teens i had any problem of pimples or Acne, thanks to being in 30's my skin is breaking out badly and seriously giving me a hard time. When i randomly visited TBS few days back (like 40 days back or so) this one caught my attention and i gave it  a go!! This one is seriously good, did work magic on the Acne i already had. It did work on them overnight making them inactive almost the next morning. Though its great its a bit expensive if you need this one regularly (like in my case) but if price is never a issue keeping this one handy is quite helpful. Though i spotted an alternative one from a different brand (local) for lesser price, am still tossing with the idea of whether to take that risk or just stick to this one!!
So these were my empties, as usual couldn't empty much again!!What were your empties?? Do leave me a link so i can check *.*
♥ Sangy

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