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SEO Is Dead. Link Building Is Dead. Your Pony Is Dead.

Posted on the 11 February 2014 by Ana Hoffman @AnaTrafficCafe
SEO Is Dead. Link Building Is Dead. Your Pony Is Dead.

SEO is dead and THIS [insert whatever latest and shortest way to becoming an online zillionaire overnight is] changes everything!

And Google is…

google is evil SEO is dead

SEO is dead.

It must be.

Some 29,000 posts on the topic can’t be wrong, right?

seo is dead google search

Of course, it’ll be 29,ooo + this one now – the tipping point, I am sure.

Overwhelming frenzy.

And oh yes, your pony is dead. (?!)

Mass hysteria.

Even Eric Ward and Rae Hoffman agree.

Last I heard Eric might’ve quit link building altogether and gone fishing.

Let’s take a look:

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SEO Is Dead; What Now?

No, I didn’t write this post to jump on the “SEO is dead“ mass hysteria bandwagon.

Not that it would be a bad move.

Mass hysteria drives hordes of traffic.

I simply liked what Eric Ward and Rae Hoffman had to say in their respective posts.

Plus I am addicted to Slideshare.

Plus I have nothing better to do.

No, that didn’t sound right…

Plus I have nothing better to do it’s THAT important for us to run the [search engine traffic] race while keeping our eyes on the prize.

Build a better business, NOT search engine rankings.

google wants to ranks popular sites

generate traffic seo

And if it was the pony that made you read this post, then here’s what happened to it:

seo is dead one-trick pony

Yep, that was straight from the horse’s mouth…

Now what?

Now we discover more/better way to drive quality non-Google/Google traffic:

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Happy website trafficking,

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