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Sendong's Effects in the Eyes of a Blogger

By Singcolinquisitor @lexuzinquisitor

Sendong's Effects in the Eyes of a Blogger

Photo: Lovette Jam Jacosalem

While conducting the OneForIligan campaign, I and the Iligan Bloggers Society Inc., conducted a visitation of the site to observe and share in part of what we have gathered. Yesterday, before visiting the San Lorenzo Parish Evacuation Center at Brgy Hinaplanon I attended the meeting at Iligan City Hall and learned some updates about the calamity that struck Iligan. The two bridges that connect Barangay Hinaplanon and Lambagohon and Sta Feliomena suffered a great loss. Rehabilitations will cost hundreds of millions. President Aquino is coming on Tuesday and Red Cross's Richard Gordon is said to arrived today, Monday to assess the situation. No more coffins for the dead people, and no more formaldehyde to preserve the dead victims of the flood. While passing through the city, not just once or twice that I saw police cars carrying dead people to funeral parlors.
Here is a video of the rescue and retrieval operations done by the authority.

Now what is the situation in the evacuation center?

Sendong's Effects in the Eyes of a Blogger

San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish Evacuation Center

We went first to San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish to send in cartoons that can serve as mats for the displaced which came from Calda Pizza---in no minute all the cartoons are gone---too few for the many evacuees. Then we came back in less than an hour to send in 100 packs of foods from Jackos Kananan whic was also devastated. The owner just made use of their house at Luinab to cooked whatever left to share for the victims of the flood.
Basically what I saw when i visit the place is ruins! Muds are everywhere and water. Sad people, teary-eyed people. 
My city---Iligan City used to be like this. 
Sendong's Effects in the Eyes of a Blogger

Now it looks like this!
Sendong's Effects in the Eyes of a Blogger

Sendong's Effects in the Eyes of a Blogger

With all the possible dead people which are until now are missing...I don't know how many...
On the other hand, the Iligan Bloggers Society Inc., are still continuously receiving your donations through this paypal account: [email protected] For more information, if you have some donations please just log on to
I will keep you posted with the development of the OneForIligan Campaign thru Twitter: @lexuzinquisitor
For donors list click here.
For list of the missing and dead victims of typhoon Sendong click HERE.
We need your prayers, but along with your prayers be sensible enough to include your donations. Thank You!!!

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