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Senator John Edwards - Falling from Grace

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

John Edwards pic

I first posted this article on 4th March 2011

On hearing this story (we here in the UK don’t get much US politics unless there is a big election on) I had to have a look at the astrology. Very interesting as you will shortly find out. Astrology has a funny way of delving behind the scenes and uncovering motivations and the truth that you wouldn’t normally know. The story for those out there in the world who don’t know is pretty shocking. John Edwards was a previous US Vice-Presidential candidate, Senator for South Carolina and a Presidential candidate in 2008. His wife until she passed away in December 2010 was suffering for the last 7 years of her life with breast cancer. During the 2006 Edwards met up with Rielle Hunter to arrange some promotional films of life on the election campaign trail and from that liaison, it was alleged that Edwards and Hunter had an affair, finally culminating with the birth of a daughter in February 2008. If this wasn’t bad enough, the current stories running seem to suggest that Edwards syphoned off several thousand dollars of his pledged campaign money to Hunter to keep her quiet about the relationship and the baby.

Edwards natal

John Edwards has quite a remarkable chart. Born in Seneca, South Carolina in the US on 10th June 1953 at 07.02hrs (this time is disputed, however having looked at the events surrounding this case and at the other alleged time of 7.23 I am convinced that 7.02am is correct). He is a Sun Sign Gemini in the hidden 12th house, with his Moon also in the same sign but in the 11th house. I have noticed that people in power who have their Suns in the 12th house invariably have something to hide. Tony Blair and George Bush are two recent examples who immediately spring to mind. Communication is key to Edwards, he will be a smooth talking individual in a hurry (Sun conjunct Mars) and emotionally tied to his Democratic party (11th house rules groups and associations). He is very intelligent with Mercury conjunct the 12th house also in Gemini. It is interesting that all this communication is in the 12th house, a lot goes on behind the scenes which we don’t know about, as if words, news and information is deliberately being hidden. John is a Cancer ascendant, emotionally tied to the security of his family, he will protect them at all cost. It will make him an emotional man and he will use that emotion in tugging at the heartstrings of the voters (Cancer Ascendant conjunct Mercury). Talking of emotions, those emotions will be fickle. Moon in Gemini in the 11th indicate that his relationship with friends will be as important to him as those of his family. The Moon is conjunct Jupiter and so he will show generosity to them.  Uranus sits in his first house so John will be a rebel and against the grain. He will have decidedly left wing administrative ideas, Uranus square Saturn/Neptune and Moon/Jupiter in the 11th house (an emotional attachment & generous to groups like trade unions). Pluto in the 2nd house is an absolute obsession on finance, on making money and the control of it. This will extend to the home and his work via the sextile to Saturn and Neptune in the 4th and “his” money behind the scenes in the sextile in the 12th house. Finally for this section we look at Venus. Venus is in Taurus which is very loyal and warm to the partner, Venus in the 11th shows and attachment to social groups, societies and parties.

Now the amazing thing about this particular chart is it is anchored by a very tight Saturn/Neptune conjunction in the fourth house of the home and the family. Radiating out from this conjunction are aspects to virtually every planet in the chart. Saturn is administrative as I have said many times before and Neptune is visionary, a dream. John has a social dream that pushes forward with vigour (trine Mars), he wants to implement and control (sextile Pluto). This dream is radical (square Uranus) and dear to him personally and his beliefs (trine Sun wide conjunction Moon/Jupiter). The dream is tied to being generous to social groups  and his party (quindecile Venus – bordering on obsession). The thing about Saturn and Neptune is that not only can they push you forward in a positive sense but they can also drag you down in a negative one. Saturn teaches you hard lessons and Neptune in a negative sense can be down right deceptive, pulling a veil over things. We can see the strong sextile between the control of work money (Pluto sextile Saturn) and a deceptive use of it (conjunct Neptune). We can see the twin fickle emotions (Moon in Gemini), the need to be around friends as much as the family and the deceit behind it along with the potential of his alleged “generosity” to them. (the Moon and Jupiter sesquisquare Neptune/Saturn). We can see the obsession to the friend & lover who was the filmmaker (Venus in 11th house of friends quindecile Neptune which rules film and creative pursuits). The funny thing is, I believe he did all this deceit I think to not only protect himself but also his family from the truth, the Cancer thing to do. Unfortunately for him, all this was sitting there all along in his chart waiting to be activated.

Edwards Feb 07

Right, we move back to February 2007 when the baby was born. Putting the senator’s chart against the planets of the day is very “interesting”. We have Neptune transiting the 8th house of other people’s financial affairs opposite Saturn in the second. By extended rulership, (Pisces ruled by Neptune) is on the cusp the 10th house of public and career and Capricorn ruled by Saturn is on the cusp of the seventh house of relationships. Saturn is conjunct that money and finance obsessed Pluto. It looks as if there is a deceptive transfer of administrative cash to somebody else. Saturn is sextile itself and natal Neptune (representing Rielle the filmmaker) and sextile Edwards’ Sun hidden in the 12th (the transfer was kept secret). Transiting Neptune connects the Sun and Saturn/Neptune conjunction by trines completing the chain. Notice also the transiting Pluto opposing natal Mars aspect. Pluto through Scorpio is ruling the 5th house of children and risk taking (also highlighted in the conjunction with transiting Saturn) and Mars rules the 10th house of his public career. This child would affect his public standing and ambitions so he took a risk. Also there is a transiting Jupiter opposing natal Sun. Leo (Sun) encompasses the whole 2nd house of money and Sagittarius (Jupiter) is on the cusp of the 6th house representing work colleagues (remember Rielle was not only was a lover, she was employed by Edwards to make films of him too).

Edwards now

The transiting planets of today confirm what is going on. Transiting Pluto is opposite natal Mercury, the risk he took over the child and keeping it secret is now in the media (Mercury). Mercury on Edwards chart rules the 3rd and 12th houses, (communication in the press about something hidden or secret). Uranus also squares Mercury and Aquarius ruled by Uranus encompasses the 8th house of other people’s finance. You can see the whole media storm on those two aspects alone. Saturn later this year will conjunct it’s own position and Neptune’s too. This Saturn will prove to be very awkward for Mr Edwards and transiting Pluto is not far off opposing the Ascendant. Not a good position if you are facing charges at that time.

I give you the evidence and I let you make your own decision on the whole affair, however my personal view is that the actions that Mr Edwards did in cheating his wife and then trying to cover it up with donated money when she was fighting cancer is totally disgusting and reprehensible behavior.  As for trying to run for President in the middle of all this and expecting to keep it all under the carpet? Well, for once words almost fail me, he deserves everything coming to him.

*** Update 2nd June 2011 *** - John Edwards charged with campaign funds abuse

*** Update 31st May 2012 *** – The trial verdict is announced, well sort of…

JohnEdwards verdict

The end of May was always going to be a critical time for John Edwards as the transiting South Node made a conjunction with John Edwards’ chart ruler the Moon (he has Cancer on the ascendant). This is normally a depressing influence emotionally and suggested that the news would not be good for him. We also have a nasty inconjunct aspect from transiting Saturn (the voice of authority) to his Midheaven also indicating potential bad news.

Now there was a complication that has been borne out. John Edwards’ Moon is also being squared by Neptune (which rules his Midheaven) causing confusion in his fate. Just as the planets suggested, the jury came to a decision on just 1 of 6 charges and were split on the other five. It sounds as if the judge has ordered the jury to go back and reconsider their position to see if they can come to a unified position.

I still think however that eventually he will be convicted in some manner. Transiting Pluto is opposing his Mercury which rules his 4th house (through Gemini on the cusp of the 4th) of home and family as well as his ascendant. Pluto can indicate confinement and severe restrictions placed upon him as well as showing a transformation in his life. Transiting Uranus is now square to that Mercury showing a change in his place of residence. Things, if rather delayed, do not look good for him.

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