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Self Harm, Selfies and the Wanderers Return

By Rubytuesday
I want to thank all of you who commented on my last postFor those of you that don't knowI posted some photos of myself in some new clothes that I boughtAnd I got quite a nasty commentAnonymous of courseI wouldn't expect anything moreBut you all  jumped to my defence And told anonymous where to go So thank you for that
So the wanderers have returnedAs in my mom and my sister are back from PragueMyself and Honey and Lea we're delighted to see themThe dogs were so excited they had a fitA good time was had by allAnd it was great that I could tell them that my few days went well tooNo hiccups No disastersNo lying I kept my head downAnd my bum upAnd stayed well out of trouble
I watched a documentary a couple of nights agoCalled My self harm nightmareIt told the  story of 3 girls Who used to use self harm and pro and websitesOne of the girls used to have a pro and blogShe has 10, 000 followers And she was extremely unwellAnd posted many photos of herself in various states of undressWith pointy bones and sharp edges
Another girl really struggled with self harmShe said she did it because it was the only thing in her life that she could controlShe had been hospitalised many times after cutting herselfHer arms were covered in long deep scars
I have never really struggled with self harmOf course I experimented when I was a teenagerAnd I have tried itBut it did little or nothing for meSo I didn't continueBut I know that some of you struggle greatly with thisI guess we all have different coping mechanismsMine was drugs and foodOr lack of foodSome body else's might be gambling or sex or self harm There all forms of self abuse
The documentary talked a bit about Pro-ana websitesAnd the girls on these websites encourage each other to lose weightPosting photo after photo of emaciated malnourished girlsMaking YouTube videos of how miserable they areI have to admit I haven't come across that many Pro-and sitesI mean the hardcore onesApart from anas challengeWho stalked all our blogs for a whileBut myself and Bella came to the conclusion that he was a dirty old man trying to get pictures of young girlsBut I guess I haven't really gone looking for these sitesAs I am sure they are there
I know that the public are campaigning to get these sites criminalisedThe parents on the documentary said that if their daughters hadn't had access to these sitesThen things wouldn't have got so badI guess we are still in the infancy of the InternetAnd things like pharmaceuticals, synthetics and drugs are easy to buyAnd these sites are not monitored I'm sure in time there will be stricter laws as to what you can and can't do on the InternetI see blogger is removing any offensive content now from blogs
I'm almost tempted to go looking for these so called Pro-a a blogsJust out of curiosity I'm presuming that these sites are run by maudlin teenagers I hope that anyone older than that would know betterMaybe I'm wrongI don't know 
I guess there are a lot of sick and twisted prone on the worldTo think that someone would encourage you to starve or purge or self harmIs a scary thoughtI deliberately don't comment on people's Wright here on bloggerI don't condone or congratulate weight lossIt's not something that is healthy to endorseUnless the person needs to lose weightAnd is doing it in a healthy and careful way
My point of view on what constitutes  beautiful has changed in the last yearI used to crave extreme thinnessProtruding collar bonesPointy hip bonesThis was perfection to meBut now my perception has changedI no longer crave that lookNow I want to be fit and strongHam thy even What a revelation!
I was wondering about youHave you ever used Pro-and sites?What is your view on them?Do you think they should be banned?I'd love to know...

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