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By Littlefashionthoughts
Select Wishlist
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While handing out cv's in my local shopping center last night, I came across the shop Select. I'd bought from Select a few years ago but was put off when the buttons ripped from my shirt, I don't know why I was put off, I think I just forgot about the shop.
However, a new store of Select had been placed on the bottom floor in Meadowhall, I remember there used to be one a few years ago on the second floor. But while handing a cv in I noticed the coat featured above and I fell in love, but of course being a student without a job I cannot afford to spend £50 on a coat, so if any of my cv's do get looked at this will be the first thing I buy.
I really love some of the items in Select, clearly here my favorite color is showing. There was so much black, I was in heaven. It's also extremely cheap for the quality, you can find so many of these designs in other shops for double the price, once I find I have money I shall be in this shop straight away.

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