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Selah… & Breathe…(More Moments of Vulnerability).

By Jenrene

I was thankful for a really calm weekend. It was sort of uneventful, and  freeing.  And very relaxing.

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I spent time with a couple of  friends in their moments of vulnerability and sharing this weekend as I traveled to Texas and I also spent time  sharing with my husband  and  he  also shared  having long talks with me  and communicating, as well.

As I spend time with myself and my spouse, I learn so much about myself. It is indeed a blessing to  have him in my life, but also to be able to share my soul with someone who is so close to me.  So I am writing  this in  such a way that I am desperately trying to  gain wisdom about  those  I am in relationship with,  including  myself.  A tad bit of advice: If you are in  relationship with someone who doesn’t cause you to see parts of yourself you need to see , in order to be a better, person, then maybe you should not be in that relationship. Maybe it really isn’t feeding your soul - (your mind, will and emotions.) Maybe its making you feel more out of control.. maybe its not helping you be the very best you can be. Maybe, then maybe it might be time to be honest with yourself and let it go.

I  write this comment in a  former post, a few days ago… but I  am sharing  this particular  quote again, because  I  desire to elaborate:

“I was in  a Celebrate Recovery meeting the other night, yes… I attend  these groups to help me grow  and evolve into a more spiritually mature womanI  received an amazing  revelation about  my challenges and how some of the  very same challenges I am experiencing conquering as an adult,  my child needs to  also  learn to conquer herself. As  I  take on and receive this growth -challenge,   I am recognizing that as I surrender to challenges of overcoming the *fear of vulnerability and * the feelings of inadequacy I have owned for several years,  I am helping my daughter to  also to  overcome one day in her  youthful days and  life  before she becomes an adult, as old as me!  In other words,  had I not had these challenges, she would not be able to overcome them, herself.”

One  of the greatest  and most beautiful things I enjoy about my  marriage is the ability to be vulnerable with my husband, and then see us grow to another level TOGETHER. I never  ALSO expected to also have this same experience with my child.

To  grow??

No, I mean to experience the level of vulnerability as I  have,  in the past few days.   Well, MAYBE GROWTH CAN BE   a by-product of VULNERABILITY… Hmm…  I didn’t think of that.  In fact, I didn’t realize such a little person could pull  so much   emotion  out of you. And its interesting, I would say… to  know that a child’s words and actions could  be so  intuitive,  and  so though-provoking…  especially when they ask: “Why?” to everything… ( smile) …and  then their little responses  to your answers can  impact your life in such a way,  that your emotions fall lightly (and then sometimes heavily), all over  the  place.

So… here’s the best thing that I find in my moments of vulnerability what is happening to my soul:

It’s being freed.

I suddenly feel more beautiful. More attractive. Not just to myself,  ( hope I don’t sound conceited, but bear with me…) in essence,  I feel as if   I am helping to make others feel beautiful.

As I am freed, others are freed, because I share perspective,  insight, wisdom and most of all, my courage, as I  endure these parts of my life with great liberation.  I am simply living this part of my life, and living, being forty-something, and  learning and evolving and being free.

Hope you can join and be with me, in this process.

Amen & Selah.

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