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Secrets I'd Tell You At Happy Hour

By Brisdon @shutuprun
Disclaimer: I am not day drinking. I started this post yesterday evening. Not that day drinking is bad or anything...
If we were chatting over a glass of wine (I wish this were the case, cause right now I'm in my home office with the cat and a glass of wine = kind of pathetic, but at least I'm not drinking alone because the cat counts), I would tell you some crazy and random stuff (i.e., sh*t) that's been going on around here.

Secrets I'd Tell You At Happy Hour

God. He's such a drunkard. Get a grip, cat. Go to C.A. (Cat's Anonymous) if you need to

If we were sharing a bottle of wine (or I could drink the bottle and you could just have water), I'd tell you that a week ago I was at home visit for work (I work with families who want to do foster care and adopt through social services - I do their home studies and certification), and I got tackled by a St. Bernard. I'm not going to say "attacked" because that implies the dog was aggressive. He was not, as far as I know. He was a one year old "puppy" with a tad too much energy. You all know I'm a dog person so when he came in the room (I was sitting on the couch) I was more than eager to pet his little (aka gigantic) head. Within seconds, he lunged at my face, head butting me below the eye and also catching my chin. I started bleeding immediately and my face swelled up. Then I headed to the doctor to have the wound glued and to get a tetanus shot. Chalk this up to news of the weird and unexpected. I've never been head butted by a dog. And, I've got to say, this will make me forever a bit more guarded around dogs.

Secrets I'd Tell You At Happy Hour

And It's not even Halloween yet. That is ANGRY!

If we were finishing that bottle of wine, I'd tell you that we went to visit Sam at Arizona State this weekend (you know this if you follow me on Instagram - I got a little crazy with my stories). We stayed at the Graduate Hotel, which is right beside campus and tries to be like a dorm. This is our room.

Secrets I'd Tell You At Happy Hour

Cute, but what fluids are on that American flag blanket or that remote?
The artwork is TDF (to die for)

This was our room key.

Secrets I'd Tell You At Happy Hour

This is very clever. I don't know who she is (well, I guess her name is Ellen). And she is
currently 77 years old, so bless her sorority heart.

I'd confess that I brought my running stuff but somehow forgot my running shorts (maybe I sub consciously needed a break from running - who brings their socks, shoes, shirt, watch and hat and forgets their shorts?) or maybe it means I wanted to run naked from the waist down because that is a bucket list item of mine. I'm sure the frat boys would love it (or would vomit in disgust). Anyway, I didn't run, but I walked a shit load. In flip flops. Probably about 15 miles over the weekend. Then I promptly came home and had a very sore right knee. I'm sure it was from those damn flip flops. So I couldn't run all week until today. Lesson learned.
Anyway, it was a fun weekend with the family and ASU crushed Washington. And, I got to be in mom-heaven having all of us together. Then I sobbed my eyes out on the flight home as we flew right over Sam's dorm. It just doesn't get easier.

Secrets I'd Tell You At Happy Hour

My babies.

Secrets I'd Tell You At Happy Hour

Can't even see my dog laceration here. Thanks Aviators!

Secrets I'd Tell You At Happy Hour

Someone thinks (wishes) he was back in college (except he's drinking good bourbon that
he could never afford in college)

If we were taking a break from wine and having a dirty martini (with blue cheese stuffed olives, because that is the only way to go), I'd tell you that I found out yesterday that a co-worker and friend of mine was at the concert in Vegas during the shooting. It was chilling to hear her first hand account of everything. She's the only person I've had a connection to who was there. She is fine, but one of her friends was shot (also fine).
If we were finishing up that martini, I would tell you that I have nothing big on my race calendar and that needs to change. You know what I have? One stinking 10k Turkey Trot. That is not going to cut it. I am deciding what my next big move will be. Ideas? I'd ask you what to do and you'd say something like "just run a 100 miler" and I'd sign up right now because I've had five drinks and that's what runners do when they drink. Sign up for crazy shit.
Image result for signing up for running races while drunk

If we were winding down for the night, I'd ask you the following (answer in comments):
Ever had an encounter with a dog on a run or otherwise? This was my first. Ever.

Ever sign up for a race after a few drinks? Probably, but I don't remember.
Do you flip flops cause you trouble? Not before this weekend. But I usually don't walk 15 miles in them.
What race should I do next?

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