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Second Year on CPAP

By Johnisfit @johnisfit

I had a good first year on CPAP and somehow I managed to have an even better second year. I'm not sure why I can stick to this so well (when so many other people have difficulty with it) and yet I can't stick to any sort of eating or exercising plan.

To summarize the results of my first year, I used the CPAP machine for 339/365 days for a total of 1902 hours of sleep, an average of 5.60 hours of sleep per night. 5.60 hours of restful sleep.

I was a little late to notice (or plan for) my official second year date, so I'm actually a few weeks past a full second year, but in the time since that first year I have used the machine 379/387 nights for a total of 2222 hours of sleep, an average of 5.86 hours of sleep per night using the machine.

You'll notice I missed 26 nights my first year (the majority of which where in the first month of using the CPAP machine) and just 8 in my second year+. So I am missing fewer nights and sleeping slightly longer. I'm very pleased with that!

Getting used to using a CPAP machine is great, and I am happy for the restful sleep I can tell I am getting when I use it. Of course, I would prefer not to have to use it, but as long as I need it I might as well use it as much as possible.

I've had very little successes with my weight loss journey but here is one area where I have. I have to find some way to tranfer the disciple I have in this area to other areas of my health and then I'll be in business!

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