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The Perks of Being a CrossFit Trainer

By Johnisfit @johnisfit

The demand for CrossFit trainers is growing by leaps and bounds since the last couple of years. According to a report by Every Last Rep, there are 480 CrossFit coaches entering the employment market every week. More gyms and fitness institutions are incorporating the idea as the calorie burning ratio is high compared to other forms of training exercises and multiple muscle groups can be targeted in a single exercise session.

CrossFit prep courses and other educational programs are required for a trainer to excel in this field. However, the cost of education for both certification programs and colleges are high. There are many individuals who have been looking for certification in personal training, many of whom are leaning towards CrossFit. It’s imperative to compare CrossFit certification programs to find out what best fits your budget.
Here are some of the benefits of being a CrossFit trainer:

  1. Personal training

    More individuals are now demanding fitness trainers who know CrossFit exercises because many celebrities follow this style of training. There’s a current buzz around in Hollywood ‘superheroes are created with kettlebells’.

    After getting educated in CrossFit training, you can become a personal trainer. CrossFit personal trainers are able to charge very high from their clients. However, the client may expect you to bring the required equipment. You’ll have to buy equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands etc, which will cost a good amount of money.

    However, you may be able to save a decent sum if you’re able to find the best credit deals to purchase your equipment. After buying the equipment, you can even set up a small personal gym. All you’ll require is a large enough space where you can train 4-5 clients simultaneously. Renting space will be feasible rather than buying it because in this career, you change locations frequently.
    After being able to profit from your training business, you can pay back the card used to buy your equipment in order to increase your credit.

  2. Personal health

    A career in CrossFit training not only helps you earn an attractive salary, but it also improves personal health. KYTX covered a story on Ryan Younger, a college graduate who became a CrossFit trainer after graduating from college. He had been diagnosed with hypertension and high cholesterol.

    However, his CrossFit workouts along with the diet plan he followed led him to drop his cholesterol level by 100% and he was also able to reduce his waist size considerably. You can also expect a lot of personal health benefits while pursuing this career and you may not need to schedule workouts separately as training clients may turn out to be enough to keep you in tip top shape.

  3. More clients

    A CrossFit training session doesn’t last as long as yoga, weight training and similar exercises. You can have 30 minute session with clients, which gives you ample time to schedule sessions with multiple clients throughout the day.

    Therefore, teaching or coaching this form of training gives you a greater opportunity to work with more clients during a month, which leads to greater earnings.

  4. Off-job earnings

    Other than the income you make through training sessions with clients, you can also earn off-the-job. There are several ways to do this such as writing an e-book or having a chat session with offshore customers.

    This is where your CrossFit education and knowledge of related terms will come in handy. You can even develop a personal online program and sell it on the internet, or write an e-book that informs people about CrossFit training basics and how to go about it.

Apart from the perks mentioned above, you’ll also build personal relationships with clients that go beyond the training sessions and this networking will also help you in future in the form of referrals. Your body will act as your name card, and it’s not difficult for CrossFit trainers to attract customers with their physiques.

Certified CrossFit trainers have a bright future ahead as more people jump on the Hollywood physique bandwagon.

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