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Seashells and Succulents

By Sowanddipity @Sowanddipity

succulent in a seashell


Seashells and Succulents


While at the Northwest Flower and Garden show, I came across a vendor selling large barnacles ( imported from the Philippines ) and the very first thing that shot through my mind was how great one of these would look planted up…seashells and succulents, what a perfect combination don’t you think?




Try to find a nursery or garden center that brings in 2 1/2 inch pot’s of succulents. This size is perfect for working with when it comes to projects like this one.


potting soil


Most of the time there are several individual cuttings planted in each pot. Gently divide these by pulling them apart carefully. I had 3 rooted cuttings per pot so from 4 pots I got 12 plants.


dividing succulents
divided succulents


The barnacles had several pods that were open on the bottom. I had some left over tea stained muslin that I hot glued around the opening to help contain the soil. Succulents don’t require a lot of watering, so on days when they need a drink I will simply take it to the sink, water and allow to drain for an hour or two and return it to it’s home. No need to have a drip tray.


seashell succulent holder


I added a little soil to each pod I planned to add a plant to and stuffed in a little moss ( harvested from my own garden ) after I inserted the cutting. A cheap paint brush worked great to dust away soil that got into any of the cracks and crevices.


succulents and seashells_new


I just loved how this turned out! Stumbling across those barnacles was a fine catch, matey. Since I had a few succulents left over, I went on a hunt around the house to see what other vessels could do with a planting up.


creamer with succulent


I have two of these little white cream servers….but I really only need one….to serve cream, ’cause like that happens all the time. Anyway, it’s so much more adorable as a succulent planter wouldn’t you agree?


succulent pots


These mini terracotta pots were dollar store candles once a upon a time. I painted them and then set them aside for a future project. I do that a lot, start something then decide I don’t want to go that direction but the project gets resurrected as something else even better down the road.


succulents and terra cotta



I love, love, love succulents. Gonna go out and get me some more!


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