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Science May Actually Make A Difference In Your Sex Life #VIDEO

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

My Girly Parts

Having the most amazing sex life is something that humans want since the dawn of time. Having sex is a BIG part of our lives and when we experience problems in our sex life, we try to find ways of correcting that issue. But did you ever think about the fact that science may actually make a difference in your sex life?

What happens when you get excited

When you become aroused, a chemical reaction is triggered by your brain and your nervous system. They send signals to your private parts that dilate your blood vessels. Also, two hormones, named norepinephrine and dopamine, are released by your nervous system which give you that “feel good” sensation.

Science May Actually Make A Difference In Your Sex Life

What do people do to rekindle that flame

Some known aphrodisiacs like oysters, chocolate, avocados and others, are supposedly good for improving your sex drive, but their effectiveness isn’t scientifically proven. While they actually contain substances that can help elevate the serotonin level in your brain, no known scientific facts support that theory. Furthermore, you would have to eat a load of them to increase arousal.

And as you probably know, there are some drugs available on the market like Viagra, Cialis, etc., but they work only on men by facilitating blood flow to the penis and providing a prolonged erection. Unfortunately, the effect is exclusively felt locally and they do nothing for the men’s libido. Moreover, these drugs don’t work on women. So what’s the fun in that!

Can science improve your sex life?

According to the video below, created by AsapSCIENCE, scientists have discovered a new drug that may actually make a difference in your sex life. Called melanocortin, this substance is a protein that can be found in your brain and was initially supposed to help control skin pigmentation.

While doing some experiments to create sunless tanning agents, scientists discovered that this protein could also regulate sexual functions. After many attempts, they finally arrived at the perfect dosage which could produce immediate and lasting erections while increasing sex drive, as well as minimum side effects. Another good news, it also works on women. Watch the video to learn more!

Science May Actually Make A Difference In Your Sex Life #VIDEO #MyGirlyParts
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In Conclusion…

So there you have it! The whole truth on how science may actually make a difference in your sex life! Unfortunately, this new wonder drug hasn’t been approved or regulated yet, but it’s a good thing to know that it’s possible to enhance a person’s sex drive, male or female. This discovery may change forever the sex life of men and women everywhere.

Science May Actually Make A Difference In Your Sex Life

Over to you

So what do you think of this brand new wonder drug? If it would be available to the public, would you be willing to try it? It could be an amazing breakthrough for menopausal women and even for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Also, it has been created in the form of a nasal spray, so it would be very convenient to administer, don’t you think? No more little blue pill to take beforehand or ingesting insane amounts of oysters or strawberries. If you feel like it, tell me what you think in the comment box below!

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