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By Laurieann @laurieann14
Make note of this list the next time you order tea, buy a new candle, or choose a bubble bath scent.
Chamomile: Calming and soothing. Eases anger and anxiety
Clary Sage: Relaxing, euphoric. Eases anxiety, tension and stress.
Eucalyptus: Fresh, cooling and invigorating. Promotes alertness.
Jasmine: Alleviates anxiety and depression.
Lavender:Calming. Helps relieve some forms of pain.
Lemon: Refreshing and energizing. Eases tension. Heightens mental clarity.
Mandarin: Relaxing and calming. Relieves insomnia.
Neroli/Orange Blossom: Relieves stress, anxiety and insomnia
Peppermint: Refreshing and stimulating. Increases alertness.
Rosemary: A stimulant that promotes mental clarity and alertness.
Ylang-ylang: Alleviates anger, anxiety and stress.
I got these from a card that i had gotten from The look bag and wanted to share them with you.
Hope you have enjoyed
peace and beauty
laurie ann

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