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Scarecrow's Garden Journal Notes: March 2014:

By Scarecrow
Scarecrow's Garden Journal Notes: March 2014:The work on the new chook runs began around Christmas time but with the heat of January and February little work was achieved. Earlier this month we got outside and finished it off. Mesh covers the roof, side and extends about 1 meter out from the fenceline at the bottom. This mesh "skirt" will be covered with crusher dust soon and hopefully that will prevent any fox attacks this winter. The roof will have a covering of shadecloth fitted for next summer but for now the chooks can enjoy the warming sunshine. New chooks will be purchased soon!
Temperatures this month:
Lowest Min 4.8C
Highest Min 22C
Lowest Max 19.5C
Highest Max 34.3C
3mm Rainfall
Rain: Year To Date: 49mm (Average YTD: 66mm)
Comparison with other years:
March Average is 21mm:
2014 3mm
2013 6mm
2012 32.5 mm
2011 49.8mm
2010 7mm
2009 13mm
2008 0mm
2007 29.7mm
Weather Highlights?
After an average start to the year as far as rainfall goes this month we have had very little rain although humidity levels have been quite high. Temperatures have in the upper 20s (C) with 9 days above 30C.
Harvest Tally:
Doesn't include Greens fed to the chooks on a daily basis or herbs picked for use in the kitchen for cooking or tea making. For Salads, Juice and Stirfries I have been picking Amaranth, Kale, Lebanese Cress, Spring Onions, Parsley, Sorrel and Sweet Potato Leaves which are not always weighed.
Cucumber Apple 2323g
Potatoes 272g
Onions  188g
Tomato Roma 137g
Tomato Tommy Toe 117g
Tomato Yellow Baby Pear 659g
Zucchini Early 1372g
Zucchini Golden 244g
Total Veg Harvest for March 5.3Kgs
Apples Cox's Orange Pippin 575g
Apples Jonathon 8465g
Apples Golden Delicious 4665g
Blackberries 115g
Nashi 257g
Peaches 1250g
Pears 3566g
Total Fruit Harvest for March 19.9Kg
Total Eggs for March:   32eggs.
21 From the 1 Farmyard Feral
11 From the 3 Faverolles
March Growth:

Scarecrow's Garden Journal Notes: March 2014:The Broad Bean seeds sown in Loo Rolls are now screaming to be planted out!!!
Scarecrow's Garden Journal Notes: March 2014:These Cauliflowers are fast out growing their temporary netting...
Scarecrow's Garden Journal Notes: March 2014:The Radish seeds that were direct sown around the edge of the Red Russian Kale are up and growing!

March  of Previous Years:
The garden is still evolving so I won't add a link to where everything is until I work out just where that is going to be!!!!
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