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Say Konnichiwa to Tokyo Café’s Japanese Fair and Fusion Cuisine

By Thelostboylloyd @lloydthelostboy
I have a confession to make: I haven’t tried Tokyo Café. I have always been under the impression that it is just another expensive coffee shop serving, well, coffee and the crepes they have on display. It was only when we were invited to dine at their first store at the SM Mall of Asia, however, did I know I was wrong. Read more…
 tokyo cafe coffee
Tokyo Café’s Japanese Fair is a selection of rice toppings in a Ju-Box. All rice boxes come with a fresh garden salad and have the option to come with a drink for an additional 50 PHP.
Unaju is pan fried eels topped with soy sauce. I haven’t had eel in my entire life (or so I think), and I found it interesting. PHP 373
 tokyo cafe unaju 
Katsu-Ju is our beloved tonkatsu—deep fried breaded pork cutlet flavored with signature tempura sauce, onions, leeks, and scrambled egg. PHP 220
 tokyo cafe katsu-ju 
Kalbi-Ju was my clear favorite of what was presented to us. It’s thinly sliced beef smothered in original yakiniku sauce. I liked it because it’s simple yet tasty. PHP 221
 tokyo cafe kalbi ju 
Oyako-Ju is sliced chicken braised in signature tempura sauce with onions and leeks mixed in egg. PHP 218
 tokyo cafe oyaku ju 
Ten-Ju is all-time favorite deep fried shrimp tempura with signature tempura sauce. PHP 218
 tokyo cafe ten ju
We also had a number of their Japanese fusion dishes: 
Chicken and Cheese Rolls are chicken fillet stuffed with mozzarella cheese, rolled in breadcrumbs, then deep fried. PHP 238
 tokyo cafe chicken cheese roll 
Creamy Ebiko Pasta is made of shrimp, karashi ebiko (shirmp egg), and cream. I particularly remember this one because I love cream pasta, and this had a spicy kick to it. PHP 258
 tokyo cafe creamy ebiko pasta 
Chicken in a Basket is Japanese-style crispy fried chicken with gravy. Starts at PHP 198
 tokyo cafe japanese chicken 
Hamburg & Shrimp is a plate of their burger steak patties and black tiger prawns. PHP 268
 tokyo cafe hamburg steak and shrimp
We tried Tokyo Café’s selection of smoogees or ice blended beverages:
Mango Smoogee was refreshing! Those are mango jelly cubes on top, by the way. PHP 125 
Then it was time for dessert:
Banana Hazelnut Crepe has banana slices, hazelnut spread, and whipped cream all drizzled in chocolate syrup. PHP 125
 tokyo cafe banana hazelnut crepe 
Azuki Parfait has sweet red azuki beans, vanilla and green tea ice cream, and whipped cream on top. PHP 118
 tokyo cafe sundae 
Tokyo Affogard has three scoops of vanilla ice cream with espresso on the side. PHP 117
 tokyo cafe tokyo aforgard 
Tiramisu is layers of espresso soaked lady finger and mascarpone cheese with coffee liqueur in between. Not too sugary, it was my favorite of the desserts. PHP 145
 tokyo cafe tiramisu 
Japanese Cheesecake is different from the usual. It’s fluffier and has more flour. PHP 120
 tokyo cafe japanese cheesecake 2 
Verdict: Tokyo Café’s menu is so extensive and could satisfy all cravings. Thankfully, we tried a lot of food; more than enough to make me say they make good food. 
Branches: SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, The Venice Piazza, GoHotels, SM North EDSA The Block 
Hours: varies by branch 
Contact: +63 2 556 0517 or 
Prices: around P300 a meal per person
Note: Major credit cards and Philippine-issued ATM cards are accepted.
Like Tokyo Café Philippines on Facebook and visit their website here to view their complete menu. Check out these latest promotions from Tokyo Café too! (Click to enlarge)

Tokyo Cafe promo1 Tokyo Cafe 3

Many thanks to Tokyo Café Philippines, AMPR, and Mr. Richard Mamuyac for inviting us. Special thanks to Rome Diwa of The Cuisineuer for the pictures from his camera! 

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