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Say Cheese Mustache

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Say Cheese Mustache It's no secret that funny little unexpected things happen all the time when you have young children.  Perhaps they happen all the time, full stop, but you're just less likely to notice them being a mature adult and all.  A while ago at dinner, our 4 year old Mimi picked up a piece of cheese on her dinner plate and started to laugh as she went to bite it.  It turned out she had discovered it had a carrot mustache on the other side!  OK, so that hardly seems blog worthy, but it is.  In our house we celebrate all things quirky, clever, cute and crafty, and especially so if it's the girls who are using their imagination.
"Photo!  Quick, take a photo of her mustache!" said Mum, Dad and little sister, yet, as often does with kiddies, the message got a little garbled, and Mimi had a panic attack that we were trying to photograph her 'mustache-face' rather than her cheese, and threw a protective arm over her upper lip!
Brings a whole new meaning to "say cheese!"
So remember; pay attention, have fun, enjoy the small things, take photos and above all; say cheese! x

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