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Saudi Air Force Refuses to Bomb Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Southern Yemen

Posted on the 12 February 2016 by Calvinthedog

This is great. As you can see, the Saudis and their sickening Sunni allies have absolutely refused to bomb ISIS and Al Qaeda in Yemen! Instead, all of their targets of their bombs have been the Yemeni Army itself and the Houthis.

The Houthis are hated by the Saudis and the rest of their Sunni allies because they are nominally Shia, although this is not quite true and because they are allied with Iran. It is true that as a nominally Shia organization, the Houthis have a good relationship with Iran. Of course all Shia groups everywhere on Earth have a good relationship with Iran. Why would they not? It goes with the territory.

The Saudis allege that the Houthis are an Iranian pawn being used by Iran to conquer Arab land in Saudi Arabia’s backyard. The truth is that Iran has given the Houthis little more than moral support in this war as far as I can tell. The Houthis have their own ways of obtaining weaponry as they have much of the armory of the Yemeni Army available. As you can see, the vast majority of the Yemeni Army has gone over to the Houthis, so the Saudis and their disgusting pals are relentlessly bombing the official army of Yemen!In addition, the Houthi rebellion is all about internal Yemeni politics and has nothing to do with Iran and I imagine Iran could care less about internal Yemeni politics.

Further, the Houthis are only nominally Shia. Although most call themselves Shia, the Zaydi Shia of Yemen are so Sunnized that they differ on only one or two religious principles from the Sunnis. So the Houthis are “Shia” who are almost Sunnis. Most Houthis refer to themselves as Shia, but some say they are both Shia and Sunni and others say that they are Sunni.

The Sunni-Shia divide was never very important historically in Yemen until very recently when fresh wounds were torn by the Saudis and their buddies along with the sectarian Al Qaeda and ISIS. So Yemeni was never a sectarian place and the Sunni-Shia divide barely existed here until sectarianism was created by takfiris and outside Sunni states eager to stir up sectarian violence and hatred where none had existed before.

When asked why his air force had not bombed ISIS and Al Qaeda, a Saudi minister brushed the question aside and said Yemeni Al Qaeda was a Houthi ally and project! That’s insane! Al Qaeda and the Houthis absolutely hate each other and have been locked in mortal combat for some time now. The lies of the Saudis and Turks are outrageous in their preposterousness such that only an insane person could believe them. But the Western media has been repeating the idiotic lies of the both the Turks and the Saudis, two of the most evil regimes on Earth, verbatim. The Western media is despicable!

Saudi Air Force Refuses to Bomb Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Southern Yemen

By Leith Fadel

Global Research, February 07, 2016

Al-Masdar News 7 February 2016


The Saudi Air Force has deliberately refused to bomb the Yemeni Al-Qaeda faction “Ansar Al-Shariah” and the so-called “Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham” (ISIS) in southern Yemen, despite their recent gains and exponential growth across the country.

Al-Masdar News has recently monitored the concentration of the Saudi-led Coalition airstrikes in Yemen and found that the Yemeni Army and the Houthis have been the only targets for these warplanes, which begs the question as to “why” they don’t target ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the U.S. drone strike in Southern Yemen this week, Ansar Al-Shariah would have been relatively untouched this entire war.

Perhaps even more shocking than this revelation, the Saudi-led Coalition’s warplanes have been responsible for the death of 300+ Yemeni civilians in only a matter of 7 days.

The primary culprit behind these airstrikes is the Saudi Air Force, who has reduced the historical cities of Saada and Sanaa into rubble, while their ground forces fail to regain territory inside southern Saudi Arabia.

At this rate, the Saudi Air Force and their allies will not ease off of bombing Yemeni Army controlled cities; however, when can we expect them to bomb both Al-Qaeda and ISIS?

Leith Fadel

Editor-in-Chief Specializing in Near Eastern Affairs and Economics. Al-Masdar News

The original source of this article is Al-Masdar News

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