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Saturn Trine Neptune - Making Reality out of Your Dreams.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


I'm back after a super fortnight break on holiday and from now I will be putting up here on my blog a few of the other articles I post on my Facebook page also called “Solaris Astrology” to maybe encourage a few of you to migrate across and have a look on what I do over there. On it I do a few more quick fire astrological profiles of people in the news and I concentrate a lot on fixed star connections there too. I encourage you all to have a look and see if you like it.

Saturn trine Neptune

Now the major aspect in the sky is a rather wonderful watery trine between Saturn newly moved into Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Here we have the expansive imagination and endless possibilities of Neptune given shape and form by a Saturn that bring ambition as well as discipline and hard work. As I see it, the world and wonderful opportunities can be had now, but you will have to work tirelessly to make them a fully fledged reality.

A case in point is a Scorpio friend of mine and what she experienced exactly as this trine in the heavens was closing in a few days ago. I won't mention her by name but I know she will read this article. She was out of work, and through an elderly lady she knew previously, she was asked to come along to a education and cultural center to help out. So impressed was the lady with her attitude, she offered my friend not only a chance to work there but also an offer to become a shareholder in the center and a promise that in the future, she would effectively take over control when the lady retired. This opportunity came out of the blue and she was shocked and delighted, as it gave her a chance to use her creative and artistic skills as well as giving her a job. it will be hard work as the center is old and does need a lot of major renovation before it will function as it should, mind you Saturn never makes things easy for you :)

The Saturn Neptune trine was operating out her 3rd house (Saturn) highlighting education and learning and her 7th house (Neptune) of relationships. Saturn highlighted that this was an older person offering the ambition and work and Neptune brought the element of creativity and art - this place will promote all things from painting to learning languages, arts and crafts like ceramics and pottery as well as having a dance studio, all things ruled by Neptune. The houses ruled by these two planets also entered into the picture. Capricorn (Saturn) rules her 6th house of everyday work and routine, so this gets her back on her feet with something to do and Pisces (Neptune) rules the 8th house of shareholding which is something she has been offered too.

It is a wonderful practical example of how these planets can offer up new vistas and chances in life. If you are a watery type like a Scorpio or a Pisces, chances are there are potential riches to be had, but in the long run you like my friend will have to work really hard to make them come true.

These two planets will be in trine aspect on and off between now and the end of August 2013 and two more exact hits will be made in June and July 2013. Keep those dreams alive and keep an eye on where these outer planets are affecting things in your own chart, as your aspirations and desires may indeed come true.

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