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Saturn Retrograde – Teaching You Patience and Discipline.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Tomorrow on 8th February 2012, Saturn goes into retrograde mode, pulling back for a last time in Libra before it moves into the sign of Scorpio. Saturn has been moving through Libra since November 2009 and has been highlighting partnerships and relationships. The retrograde period will last between the 8th Feb and 26th June.

This is the last time that you will be able to review the relationships you have made in the past 3 years. Saturn in Libra is very serious about relationships, personal ones and business ones. Libra highlights fairness & equality and Saturn asks us how fairly we are treating other people around us. Have we been holding up our side of the bargain? The need for equality with Saturn in this sign is very important however Saturn makes us wait and wait for the right time for that equal status to come our way. Saturn also highlights commitment and how seriously you are committing to your partner, friends, your business associates, your family, indeed anyone with whom you have a relationship. If you are not putting your full energy into these ties and if you are not abiding by the laws and rules, then Saturn will split asunder these commitments. It is likely in the last few years that you would have made a whole lot of significant relationships, and many others would have finished forever.

We are now coming to the end of this three year process. This final retrograde period starts right now. This will not be a good time to start brand new projects from scratch, as the likelihood is that as soon as Saturn gets moving forward, these projects will most likely have to be modified before they will work properly. This is especially true between now and mid April and transiting Mars is also moving in retrograde motion. It is an essential time to make adjustments to ideas that you have had in the pipeline for a while, and it may be a perfect time to revisit and reacquaint yourself with people who you have made commitments to in the past half year or so. This will also be the time to finish any unfinished business that you have carrying over from the last 6 months. This will be a wonderful time to build on any skills that you have, perfecting technique, studying and improving talents that you possess or have recently been learning.

I have found that Saturn retrograde does tend to put a barrier or two in the way for things we have started in the recent past. Authorities may turn around and say no, you can’t do things that way. Saturn retrograde can be a time of frustration, but it teaches us patience, to be disciplined to accept our personal limitations. Wherever Saturn is moving through your chart, expect life now to slow down significantly, for blocks or postponements to temporarily halt your progress, and for people to tell you that you can’t go as fast as you want to go. Look also to where Saturn is in your natal chart and the aspects it makes and receives indicating where this retrograde period will benefit and hinder you. If Saturn does make and stressful aspects to your natal planets, then you may find that you will have to work on those weaker areas of your personality that you may have neglected in the past.

The overriding sense of the next four and a half months will be one of learning patience and understanding that you do have limitations and learning to deal with them.

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