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Saturn Conjunct Acrux - Reconstructing That Which Has Gone Before.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Not many star to planet connections this week but we do have the start of a long term connection which will last until 14th March. Saturn is now in conjunction with the fixed star Acrux, the brightest star in the constellation of Crux, the Southern Cross and I think it is an important one.

Now despite the picture we have here, there are no religious connections surrounding this star, no this is more to do with the physical connotations of the cross. The cross is a strong stable structure, and at the heart of any astrological chart which I study is a cross. From 1st house to 4th, 7th house to 10th, the angular houses of the chart are the most important. They describe our body and physical presence (Ascendant), out foundation and roots (IC), where we encounter other people (Descendant) and our pubic persona (Midheaven). On the astrological chart, the soul meets this physical world we live in and the planets and other bodies describe our journey through it. Acrux represents the physical world I describe, the resources we need for the soul to complete it's mission.

Saturn the great teacher reaching this star challenges the structure of the cross, tests the stability of the structures we have built. If they are strong, then they will survive Saturn's visit and may be yet strengthened, but if they are really weak or flawed, then we will have to rebuild. On a more personal level, Saturn is running the rule over a part of your life. If he doesn’t like what he sees right now, he may change the rules to make sure we comply to his standards. As the Southern Cross constellation sits within the boundaries of Scorpio, we have a a focus here on the structures of big business, of financial institutions, on handling other people's money and possessions, even death and rebirth. These are the targets of Saturn in particular now, aided and abetted by it's long term sextile to Scorpio's ruler Pluto. If ever we are going to see financial restructuring to combat the excesses of the corruption that lead to the crash of the markets in the past 5 years, now will be the time, however this is a double hit as Saturn turns on Acrux and will return for a second bite of the cherry in October 2013 when it's work in this part of the sky will be complete. As such we may see the initial plans set out now, before action is taken later on in the year.

As for you how might this conjunction affect you, just look to the Scorpio house on your chart and this point will be a point of "potential" transformation or strengthening, the structure of your life which could be altered here by Saturn's visit, especially if you have any planets or angles at 12 degrees Scorpio (Acrux's position). For example, if the point 12 Scorpio in your second house, then you can expect some transformation in the way you handle money, in the 4th in your home life and family may be affected by major changes, in the 7th a relationship may need some work done to it, in your 10th your work life may see a drastic change or maybe an improvement. Remember, Saturn will only have a detrimental effect if this area of your life is already weak and unstable. This first hit is like a surveyor assessing a building before the construction (or demolition) guys move in to do their thing. By the time we reach October 2013 that is when you will be able to see the full effects of Saturn's work.

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