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Saris Sings Again ...

Posted on the 10 October 2013 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog
Bo Saris, one that we've written about before, but quite some time ago, has finally unveiled something new and, to our surprise, despite it being a lot slower and a lot more whimsical ... we still find it fascinating and fantastic. The Addict will serve as the first new single for a fair while and, whilst it has elements of Justin Timberlake throughout, which came as a bit of a shock to us, this is absolutely brilliant.
Saris Sings Again ...The production side of this project seems much crisper and really works in Bo's favour. There are elements of, as we said, Justin Timberlake about him in this. However, we can't help but think of Plan B and John Newman as well ... we think this is because of the slickness of it all. We can see him, in the cartoon-esque video, all suited and booted and, with music that really has a twist from years previous, those names float in the air like they are blatant.
It's funny really that, to be completely honest, we're not the biggest fans of any of those names except John Newman, yet, we find ourselves absolutely captivated by the likes of Bo ... but we feel that's because of the rawness he delivers and, quite possibly, the fact that he doesn't sing quite so much about the female anatomy and how fantastic he is.
This song, The Addict, is, unsurprisingly, about addiction, though, from the video, we wouldn't be shocked if you thought it was about an addiction to tea or coffee. The video gives off the vibe that it is much more so about the constant need for a drink (not alcohol by the way), than anything to do with narcotics or illegal substances ... which is very strange. Either way though, Bo manages to put this across with about as much poise and compassion as humanly possible and, with those beautifully curvaceous backings, this is an absolute hit that you'll want in your library.

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