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Samsung Galaxy K Zoom Launch

By Amogere14

Today, I had the privilege of attending the breakfast launch of a new smartphone by Samsung – the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. Such a sleek smartphone that is heavily focused on the camera. We all know that everyone these days focuses on mobile photography and taking clear, crisp pictures. I mean, who doesn’t love a good selfie?

The just launched Samsung Galaxy K Zoom_24th July

Bloggers (L-R) Vonette, Lucia, Anita, Anita G. & Caroline (in black) test the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom selfie feature_24th July

(L-R) Fareed Khimani, Judy Owino and Lisa Karanja of Samsung and Nick Mutuma during the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom launch_24th July
(L-R) Samsung Internet & Mobile Division Director Manoj Changarampatt, Marketing Manager Lisa Karanja and Fareed Khimani take a selfie_24th July (1)

The Galaxy K Zoom boasts of a 20.7MP camera with 10x optical zoom that enables users to take selfies with a timed selfie alarm. How cool is that? The phone is perfect for Instagram lovers like me. I also met some beautiful bloggers (Vonette, Lucia and Anita) that I had met at the Camay Launch. We took some selfies using Caroline’s phone and we all came to the conclusion that the selfie cam is so good the photos come out looking touched up! See exhibit A below and tell me whether that photo makes us look touched up or not lol.


Congratulations to Vonette who won the Galaxy K Zoom at the launch! Yay! :-)

Keep warm & be safe lovelies,


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