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Sam's Single, Set For Success ...

Posted on the 04 December 2013 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog
We really weren't sure at first, when we heard Sam Smith's new single on Zane Lowe's show Monday night, but we feel that now, two days later, and after a fair few listens, we're sure that this is going to be an absolute hit and, whilst we're sad that Sam won't be our little secret anymore, we know that he deserves it and that, whilst it's not necessarily our favorite effort of his, this is another absolutely quality track!
Sam's Single, Set For Success ...This works much more in the way of his collaborations with Naughty Boy and Disclosure, which first got his names in the minds of thousands. It's a lot faster in pace than that of his singles, Nirvana, and Safe With Me, but he still uses every single inch of his range, and every single essence of passion that he possesses.
The single, called Money On My Mind, is not what you'll first think. You'd, from the title, probably believe that Sam has gone the complete other way and decided that money is what he is after, rather than love, living, and passion ... like his previous singles. However, when you venture in, and really give the lyrics a listen inside the infectiously catchy track, you'll still be able to hear that Smith has carried on the genre we know him in, although he has cleverly mixed it up a bit.
We know that this is a little bit of an "all-over-the-place" review, but we really did find it hard to catch onto this one, but, now that we feel like we're officially there, we can't get it out of our heads and cannot wait for Sam to get the adoration he truly deserves from all of the people that will just be itching to hear it, and hear him.

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