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Sally Hansen HD in Laser NOTD & Review

By Kellabella @kellabel
Hey Dolls!!
So today's NOTD is also going to be a review on Sally Hansen's HD Hi- Definition line since this is the first time I've ever used it. I know this line came out sometime this past spring so I'm surprised that I haven't used it yet. The color Laser, is  a pretty medium to dark blue with flashes of pink and purple shimmer. It stuck out like a sore thumb at the store.It looks so amazing in the bottle, hopefully you can see the stripe of purple showing in this pic.
Sally Hansen HD in Laser NOTD & Review
The formula was nice but way too thin in my opinion, I was hoping for more of an opaque look. I was able to achieve it somewhat by applying 3 coats. I hardly ever apply 3 coats so that was a lot for me and I think I would have been more pleased with 4 coats. They have such a nice chrome look in the bottles but that's not exactly how it transfered onto my nails. 
Sally Hansen HD in Laser NOTD & Review
I don't hate the color but I don't love it either, one thing I'm happy about is that I can see the different pink and purple shimmers when I look down at my nails depending on what type of lighting I'm in. I also like the light glittery effect that shines off the color. So its not a total fail, I was just expecting something different . It's a shame because they have some other really pretty colors  from this line but I probably wouldn't purchase another one knowing  the kinda of formula it is. 
I wanted to add something to this mani so I used Wet n Wild's Party of Five from their fast dry collection on a few nails. 
Sally Hansen HD in Laser NOTD & Review
This glitter was super hard to photograph, Its a mixture of baby blue, turquoise, green, red, hot pink, and silver. The pieces are different sizes and it looks like confetti on my nails.  I think this would have turned out a lot better on a lighter color. There's something about this color blue and the mixture of glitter colors that didn't let the glitter stand out as much as it could have. But I can totally see it looking great on a baby blue or baby pink, or even white. 
Sally Hansen HD in Laser NOTD & Review MY INDEX FINGER HAS ONE COAT
Sally Hansen HD in Laser NOTD & Review THIS IS TWO COATS
I know its hard with this picture being so out of focus but I wanted to give you some kind of idea what Party of Five looked like. I consider it more of a top coat than a stand alone polish. You probably cant tell from this crappy picture but the glitter is more spaced out and not very densely packed. I really like it  though and  cant wait to try it over different colors. I think its a must have for any glitter lovers! 
It also does dry very fast, I almost forgot that it was a fast drying color and even with two coats you don't have to worry about that gritty feeling. The glitter isn't that dense, but I still used a top coat of course.
Overall, I wouldn't say this mani was horrible, I do like this color, just not by itself. I was just thinking though and I bet this would be a great color for layering; over black would probably look cool.  As far as the Wet n Wild PO5, I love all the different colors it has and cant wait to use it again. 
Sally Hansen HD in Laser NOTD & Review Product Rating for both products combined:  4 out of 5 nail polishes! I gave it a 4 because of the Wet n Wild glitter, if its wasn't for that It would have been a 3.
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