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Saint Paul the First Hermit

By Veronica46

Today is the feast day of Saint Paul the hermit. This is a sweet and delicate Oatmeal Bread topped with rolled oats and naturally sweetened with agave.

Saint Paul the first Hermit

Saint Paul was the first hermit. This saint left the comfort of home to enter and stay in the desert to contemplate and pray. He did this during a very difficult time in christian history. Hermits like Saint Paul set the stage for the rise of religious orders in the Catholic Church. One of the legends about Saint Paul the hermit was the day Saint Anthony who was 90 at the time came to visit him. Even though Saint Anthony hadn't previously met this hermit, he know exactly who he was.

Saint Paul the first Hermit

While they were conversing, a raven brought the hermit a loaf of bread and few away. Paul said, "See, the lord, who is truly good and merciful, has sent us food. Everyday for sixty years I have received half a loaf, but with your arrival Christ has sent a double ration." Giving thanks they ate the bread.

Saint Paul the first Hermit
Saint Paul the first Hermit




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