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Sa Khao - One of the Attractions of Thai Nguyen.

By Khanhpv

Sa Khao cave is located in Na Khao mountains in the Northwestern of Phu Thuong - Vo Nhai district (Thai Nguyen). The space outside the cave more than 500 m 2 wide arch but the length is still waiting for his discovery of the researchers.

Sa Khao currently is one of the attractions of Thai Nguyen.


After many hours of experience, explore Sa Khao cave under the guidance of the staff travel and local government officials, our delegation also only survey, discover was a small fraction of the length of the cave. You guide the delegation said: "the Hang Sa long 30 km, approximated Longing through five to six mountains, but so far, no one's conquest was to hang because of the way allows".

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Sa Khao cave is located in the town of Longing Dinh Duc, Vo Nhai district about 2 km ... comes from before, we follow small road into the hamlet Na Whispered. The Majesty of the mountains overlap scallops make us eagerly forward, going through the forest, into the mouth of the cave, where start your journey of discovery.

A space causes overwhelmed by the beauty of the stalactites block shaped van muon with relics carved carving by the flow of time. The arch hang quite high and wide, the bottom is the juke streams pour water delighting human tear blend the sound of the wind. There are sections of streams, water just flooded out for the knee, see clearly the background rocks covered with green moss in the bottom of the sparkling under the light street lights.

There are sections of the cave as a paintings with thousands of rock fiber clinging to the cave under the drooping like a jellyfish sea. A lot of winding stone striated by erosion of the water stream, lined up together lasted from the ceiling hang down like the flowers. Chen hang highest place about 20 m, the bottom is the vast sands, associate that period the ocean inland encroachment.

The dress especially here have the fungal form of yeast and Palm tree grows all over the entrance and several species of exotic animals. Near the end of the journey of discovery is the location of the species of bats hanging on the cliffs. They quietly fly up correct Greenwich mean time or only thinh accept chới before the stir of the traveler.

The front is also interesting and mysterious, but the discovery cave tour Sa Khao is just the first step, we pause when running the length of 5 km in eight hours.

According to the United States by Many Farm tools and Measurement instruments in the Long, who was born, raised, sticking with the outback here: more than 50 years ago, the American Empire escalated, undermining the North cave, Sa Khao is where the temporary evacuation of the bodies Union, and the people in the region. In 2010, the Ministry of culture are Khao Sa cave, sports and tourism rank as a national historic landmark and is indispensable in the eco-tourism route, explore caves and on the source, the traditional education of Thai Nguyen province.

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