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S is for Summer!

By Rubytuesday
Summer is fast approaching And as you knowI have a few things in the pipeline There is the possibility of a jobAnd also a course I could do Which is over a year longIT and communications Two days a weekThis weekI got a call from the manager of the holiday center where I applied to work She asked me if I was still interested in workAnd told me to pop in yesterday morning to have a chatSo I did She showed me around the buildingWhich can cater up to 60 people at a timeThe living areas The dining room The office Then we sat down so she could tell me in depth about the jobShe asked about my situationI told her that I am on a disability benefit And because the job is only a summer jobI am keen to hold on to that paymentShe totally understood that She asked me why I am on disability So I explained that I am recovering from an eating disorder I had no problem telling her that But then she became concerned that the job might be too much for meShe told me that the job is not only physically demanding But also very emotionally demandingYou see the holiday center is run by a charity Whose aim is to give people a holiday who generally can't afford onIt's not free But it is at a reduced costSo a lot of the people staying are vulnerable Or have difficult circumstances Different situation may arise And I would need to be very switched on to deal with themThe manager explained that the person she hires needs to have a lot of cop on and common sense A jack of all trades were the words she usedI told her that I would be available to work the 20 hours a week I am allowed work She said she would have to bring thdt information back to the board members to discuss And said she would get back to me next weekI  know that a lot of you think that I should take the full time work And I would love toBut I worry that it would be too much for me And I might cave under the pressure Plus I wouldn't have the time to look after my dogs Horse riding Writing Blogging Meetings And appointments If I could work the 20 hours That would work perfectly But I don't know if it will happen
Then there is the course I went to talk on it yesterday And I have an interview for it on MondayThe course is two days a weekFor 16 monthsSo it suits me really well If I got the 20 hours work Then I could probably squeeze the course in tooMy other option is not to work at all and do the course The course work includes work experience So I would get some work over the next yearAnyway  I will wait for the manager to get back to me about the jobAnd I will go ahead and do the interview for the course But right now I am leaning towards doing the courseEven though it is a bit of a dilemma It's great to have optionsIt's great to be well enough to do these thingsI feel like things are starting to come together for meThat my life is coming together And that is nothing short of amazing
I'd love to know what you think thoughYour views and opinions So don't be shy Get in touch.... 

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