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Ryan Giggs – Life Unravelling at an Alarming Rate

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

For two decades, Ryan Giggs has been an icon of British football (soccer). Playing for the top team in the country Manchester United, winning countless league titles, cups and awards, Ryan has been the embodiment of the professional’s professional, dedicated, hardworking, talented and notably in this day and age of overpaid prima donna footballers, out of the news especially with regard to his family life. He was the model sportsman. However, there were skeletons in the cupboards that were revealed by the press. Trying to protect his image, Ryan got a court injunction to stifle the increasing rumours that he had been discovered having an affair. Those attempts miserably failed as his name and a Welsh reality TV star were spread all over twitter and the internet of having had an illicit relationship. Now the cat was truly out of the bag and another 7 year affair, this time with his brother’s wife no less, has been unearthed by a national newspaper. It is amazingly reminiscent of the Tiger Woods saga, and as the headlines continue to bite, his life and more than likely his marriage is continuing to crumble around him.

Ryan Giggs natal

Ryan was born on 29th November 1973 in Cardiff, Wales (I don’t have a birth-time for him, if anyone reading does know please can you email me). He is a risk taking Sagittarius in a vey close conjunction to inspirational yet deceptive Neptune. His Moon is either in serious Capricorn or detached Aquarius depending on Ryan’s time of birth. I have looked carefully at his chart and I have estimated him to be born around 17.20 which would pull his Moon just into Aquarius. What I can say for definite is that his chart is based around a rather spontaneous and unstable Mars in Aries opposition to Uranus in Libra. Mars in Aries stops at nothing, it will do what it wants to do and Uranus in Libra rebels against traditional forms of partnership like marriage. That opposition squares onto Venus in Capricorn conjunct the Moon I talked of earlier. Moon/Venus is very generally very kind hearted, sympathetic to children and loved ones, however if the Moon were in Aquarius, Ryan would be able to turn his feelings off and on at will  & the Moon here is also far more liable to emotionally more fickle than a more seriously minded and conservative Moon in Capricorn. One could imagine he would be seriously confused emotionally, between the experimental t-square pushing him forward to look for emotional excitement and his more down to earth family orientated Venus Moon conjunction.  In his day job, Ryan has been known for his electric pace and trickery, perfectly described by Mars opposite Uranus.

Moving onto the Sun/Neptune conjunction it is at the point of a grand mini trine, sextiles from which fan out to a Jupiter/Pluto trine. Sun Neptune is a dreamy combination, found in the sign of Sagittarius, those dreams are BIG dreams, Sun/Neptune however does also has the ability to deceive and as part of this mini grand trine, deceive in a big way too. Jupiter trine Pluto is generally lucky and normally is an indicator of success at work, which Ryan certainly has been being the most decorated player of his generation.

Looking at the rest of the chart, there is a tense square between Pluto and Saturn which is retrograde. This aspect can be very difficult when hit by transits and progressions, heralding a complete transformation in the life brought about by difficult circumstances. It also indicates a very troubled relationship with his father, baggage that I would suggest he has brought into his adult life. Interestingly, when his parents split, Ryan chose to revert to his mother’s maiden name “Giggs” rather than keep his father’s surname which was Wilson. Finally, we have a peregrine Mercury unconnected to any other planet on the chart by major aspect which tends to dominate the chart. Mercury is in Scorpio, indicating deep concentration on any tasks that one turns their hand to, including complete dedication in one’s work, something no football fan could ever doubt . One could imagine that Ryan could be quite adept and creative at making or creating things, especially with his hands. On this rectified chart, Mercury would be in the 6th house, giving Ryan incredible desire to perfect his technique and skills and incredibly adept reactions.

The transits chart show that Ryan is under great pressure right now. Transiting Pluto suggesting transformational change is now opposite his natal Saturn and square it’s own position, thus activating that rather nasty natal square between the two planets. Transiting Uranus, the planet of the unexpected is opposite natal Pluto. Remember, Uranus is at the heart of that natal t-square and a 17.20 birth-time would place it in the 5th house of love affairs, an indication that personal transformation (Pluto) would be of result of these shock allegations (Uranus). On the progressed chart, progressed Mercury is trine natal Mars and sextile Uranus, again activating that natal t-square and bringing the allegations into the public arena through communication (Mercury represents the Press and the internet). If my assertion about the birth-time is correct then the progressed Moon would be in the past month exactly square to the deceptive Sun/Neptune conjunction, the emotional (Moon) deception (Neptune) coming to light affecting his whole life (Sun).

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