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Russia Says Nyet to the New World Order

Posted on the 04 June 2014 by Calvinthedog

Great article from the Saker on a very curious admission by agents of US imperialism on why they are so furious about Russia’s refusal to go along with the US imperial project.

The reference below the Yeltsin period during which Russia was a colony of the US, Europe and Tel Aviv and was drained of nearly all of its public assets by Russia-hating oligarchs, with proceeds going to banks in London, Tel Aviv and New York.

Medvedev was basically a traitor, a Russian neoliberal in bed with the US and Europe. No wonder such praise was showered on him. Since 2012, a group of Russian patriots or Russian nationalists led by Vladimir Putin has been in control with the goal to put the interests of Russia first and foremost. US imperialism generally hates all nationalist regimes in its imperial colonies. Nationalist regimes are usually called Leftist or Communist and then attacked in various ways, typically with violent coups such as the one that just hit the Ukraine. After the coup, nation sellers, sold out to US capital, are put back in charge and lovers of the homeland are sidelined.

Whatever Putin’s faults are, at least he is a Russian patriot. And surely it is for that flaw if for no other that he has earned the contempt of the West. How dare he put his country first! Putin represents a “slave rebellion” in the would-be imperial hinterlands of Empire.

Very interesting admission by a senior US diplomat: Russia “betrayed” the NWO

I was just watching Alain Soral’s latest video when I heard him offer a very interesting explanation for why the Anglo-Zionist Empire hates Putin so much. The article Soral quotes is entitled The End of the New World Order and it has been written by Christopher R. Hill, “former US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia, was US Ambassador to Iraq, South Korea, Macedonia, and Poland, a US special envoy for Kosovo, a negotiator of the Dayton Peace Accords, and the chief US negotiator with North Korea from 2005-2009″, i.e. a big shot in the US imperial nomenklatura. Here is what Hill writes:

Russia’s annexation of Crimea and ongoing intimidation of Ukraine appears to mean the end of a 25-year period whose hallmark was an effort to bring Russia into greater alignment with Euro-Atlantic goals and traditions. Now the question is: What comes next? (…) [the] new world order held for almost 25 years.

Except for Russia’s brief war with Georgia in August 2008 (a conflict generally seen as instigated by reckless Georgian leadership), Russia’s acquiescence and commitment to the “new world order,” however problematic, was one of the great accomplishments of the post-Cold War era. Even Russia’s reluctance to support concerted Western action, such as in Bosnia and Kosovo in the 1990’s, was based on arguments that could be heard in other European countries.

Russian democracy certainly had its share of flaws, but that hardly made it unique among post-communist countries. (…) Americans do need to understand the challenge they are facing from a Russia that no longer seems interested in what the West has been offering for the last 25 years: special status with NATO, a privileged relationship with the European Union, and partnership in international diplomatic endeavor.

Bingo! For all the wrong reasons (the usual crap about a resurgent and revanchist Russian Empire), Hill is absolutely right: Russia has absolutely zero interest in the “Western project”. Yup! From 1991 (and really even before that) to 1999 Russia was an imperial colony run by a collection of mostly Jewish oligarchs who hated Russia and who literally stole everything they could.

From 1999 to 2012 Putin and his “Eurasian Sovereignists” had to share power with Medvedev’s “Atlantic Integrationists” (for the meaning of these terms see here and here) but since 2012 the former have pretty much seized full control of the Russian state. Hence the apparent change in course since 2012 and the West’s hysterical reaction of outrage, impotent frustration and barely contained hatred for the men whom they see as the number one enemy of the NWO on the planet and in that assessment they are actually absolutely correct, if late.

Yes, today Russia has fundamentally turned away from the NWO and purged most, if not all, of the pro-NWO elite in Moscow. The future of Russia is in Asia and in the great Russian North and there is nothing the Anglo-Zionist Empire can do about that.

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