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Russia’s Stupid Opposition

Posted on the 18 April 2015 by Calvinthedog

Russia’s dumb opposition is “uniting” apparently to win election and overthrow Putinism. The problem is that even if they all unite, they will not get more than 15% of the vote. No more than 15% of Russia is opposed to Putin and a number of those opposed to him are on the Right.

The Russian opposition, which US liberal Democrats can’t get enough, are sort of the Russian version of the US Republican Party. Their economics program is the same economic program as the Republican Party, although they are liberal on social issues. So it’s Republican Party economics plus the Western Cultural Left, which is more or less the platform of the US Democratic Party now anyway. They are taking the worst of the Right and mixing it with the worst of the Left, so we get the worst of both tendencies.

Much has been made of Boris Nemtsov’s political party. Nemtsov had and has the support of no more than 5% of Russians. Nobody liked him, nobody wanted him. He represented the Western/Jewish/Russian Mafia looting of the country under the radical free market politics of Boris Yeltsin.

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