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Russia in Crimea: Solidarity Or Imperialism?

Posted on the 27 March 2014 by Calvinthedog

Lindsay what do you think of Russian aggression of Crimea personally I guess its right although i do not like imperialism aka invasion. Since Crimea has been part f Russian history. I do not see it wrong. Whenever I see Putin i see a leader with a backbone unlike other leaders who are either cowards or outright violent like Gaddafi.

It’s not imperialism. The people of Crimea want to be part of Russia! Crimea is a nation, and it was always a part of Russia. Further, as Leftists we believe in the right to self determination. It’s not imperialism to help an oppressed group achieve their liberation. That’s solidarity, not imperialism!

Unfortunately there is so much more to write about this right now, but I just have not had enough time to get to it.

My position: 100% support for Putin and Russia and the national liberationist fighters fighting for self-determination in Crimea and also Eastern Ukraine. Ukraine is now a fascist neoliberal colony of the US and the EU. An extremely hostile, belligerent, menacing enemy state set up by imperialism right on Russia’s borders, a dagger pointed at the heart of Mother Russia. Putin is a nationalist and a patriot. He will not allow Russia to become a US-EU colony as Yeltsin did. He fights for an independent Russia free from Western colonialism and independent of imperialism, and most of all, he fights for his own precious national security.

No progressive person should support the neoliberal/Nazi coalition in Ukraine. Progressive people should not support armed coups against democratically elected governments. The previous government of Ukraine was elected by a majority in a free and fair election, and then he was thrown out of office by a US and EU sponsored fascist/neoliberal armed coup.

75% of the killings during the riots were by the demonstrators themselves. They put snipers up on buildings and while they shot a lot of cops, they all killed a large number of their own people. Most of the demonstrators who were killed were shot by their very own people. Of course, fascists always do this. They always attack their own people and blame it on the other side. Hitler attacked his own army on the Polish border in 1939 to initiate the conquest of Poland. During the armed coup against Chavez in Venezuela in 1992, rightwing snipers killed many of their own people in order to blame Chavez. Killing your own people to blame the enemy = a tried and true fascist tactic.


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