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Russia – A Bear with a Sore Head

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


The modern post-communist Russia was born out of the wave of revolution of the late 80’s and early 90’s as the soviet bloc was dismantled country by country, piece by piece. The people had had enough of the old staid authoritarian rule and wanted some Western freedoms, and goods in the shops. When I was in Eastern Europe around the same time, I heard all the stories of people queuing for tomatoes, just because there had just been a delivery to the state run grocery store. You never knew when you would have the chance to purchase them again. Under the leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev whose policy of Glasnost loosened the cords and the revolutionary passion of Boris Yeltsin who rose to power sweeping away the old guard, Russia was swept into a new capitalist era, where the old communists became the new capitalists and the poor stayed, well poor as they always were. At least under the new philosophy there were more things to buy and people grumbled but were a bit more content. The rise of Vladimir Putin however has seen the country lurch back to many of the old ways of thinking. The free press which burst up in 1991 like spring flowers after a deep freeze winter has had an iron grip placed on it again, and the latest round of elections were tainted by alleged massive vote rigging by Putin’s United Russia party. Protests are planned again this February as exceptionally harsh winter bites in Eastern Europe. The natives are restless and the Russian bear is once again waking this time with a rather sore head.

Russia(1991chart) natal

The Russian chart I use (there are more than one) is the latest one born out of the 1991 revolution. It is set for Christmas day 1991 at 19.19 in Moscow as Gorbachev stepped down signalling the end of the Soviet Union, and Yeltsin took control of newly liberated Russia. We have a grand earth trine on this chart showing the people (Moon) in the first house taking control of the administration of the country (Sun/Midheaven). Pluto conjunct to Venus in Scorpio in the 4th house of democracy is square to the ascendant showing that it was the official opposition to those in charge at the time as well as social pressure that brought democratic transformation to the country. The signs of these planets show the transformation too. Scorpio ruled by Pluto sits across the 4th house cusp and Taurus ruled by Venus sits on the Midheaven representing the top of society. This period in history was when Uranus and Neptune were together in Capricorn, showing revolution against (Uranus) and disintegration (Neptune) of authority structures and the bringing down of government (Capricorn). It is also really interesting that Saturn in Aquarius was square to the Midheaven on that day as well as quindecile the ascendant. Boris Yeltsin who assumed power (Saturn square Midheaven) on that day was himself an Aquarius (born 1st Feb 1930).

It is interesting that after the revolution and liberalisation of the markets in Russia, prices rose dramatically shown by Jupiter in the 2nd house of money showing expansion. Moscow is now one of the most expensive places on earth in which to live. Many Russian entrepreneurs have criss-crossed the globe investing their money also showing the international side of Jupiter in the 2nd. Saturn in Aquarius in the 6th house has shown that the working classes have had it tough under the Putin regime, and it is the ordinary people who are now showing their displeasure. Capricorn ruled by Saturn also rules this 6th house of the ordinary man in the street. Mercury sits in the 4th house which is a tricky placement as this shows that those in the media generally oppose what the leadership is all about.

Russia(1991chart) transits

I explored what is happening in Russia a month or so ago in my planetary predictions for February. At that time I wrote -

“On 21st February, we have a very potent new Moon. It is part of a very stressful pointer with the New Moon semi-sextile to Uranus and both almost exactly quindecile to Mars. Mars also goes on to make a second quindecile contact to Neptune on 27th February. The first meeting of these two planets on 10th December saw the start of protests in Russia in Moscow after the “rigged” elections. there is likely to be a reaction or continuation of this situation now. Neptune quindecile Mars clouds the issues and rules collective or society (Neptune) action (Mars). Possibly this time there will be a backlash by the authorities? Mars will be squaring the Russian Mars and Neptune will be exactly opposing the Russian Moon representing the people (using the 25/12/91 @ 19.19 Russian chart). I think some of disruption again in Moscow is not out of the question as transiting Uranus will be almost square to the Russian natal Sun. If, so then rebellion, freedom and transparency of rule will be called for by the ordinary man in the street to the people in power. Whether it will make any difference is another point entirely, as transiting Pluto will be approaching a connection with the Russian North Node in authoritarian Capricorn, possibly tightening the grip of those in power over those who have little say, and bringing underground, secret controls affecting a population who knew them two decades before.”

In addition I failed to add that transiting Neptune will be also approaching an exact opposition to the natal Moon but this will not be exact until May 2012. Neptune transits are often subtle but now in Pisces and Pisces ruling the 8th house of change,  public mortality and death, I wonder how this aspect will play itself out. Interestingly, Cancer ruled by the Moon is ruling the Russian 12th house of suffering, prisons & the secret services. Will significant arrests inflame the public mood? The 7th house is the house of foreign relations. Will actions from insurgent groups from outside of Russia cause pain suffering and death within Russian borders? Will the Russian Secret Services, the FSB, tighten their grip on the population through covert actions? I rather suspect that the final suggestion I may will be nearest to the truth. There seems to be a bit of a pattern here of crackdown and protest, as transiting Saturn opposes the Midheaven in November this year. Saturn as I said earlier on this chart represents the working classes, so here again is the possibility for dissention and opposition of the leadership. The year 2012 looks as if it is going to be quite and unstable one in Moscow and the Russian heartlands.

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