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Runner’s World Cookbook Review

By Brisdon @shutuprun

Finally, a book that combines two of my favorite hobbies/past times: cooking and running.

I introduce to you the Runner’s World Cookbook150 Ultimate Recipes for Fueling Up and Slimming Down.


Let’s just say I am a lover of cookbooks and cooking magazines. While I’m not overly confident in creating my own recipes, I love trying out new ones that others have tested and perfected. Sure, we have favorites in our household, but I make an effort to bring in at least one or two new recipes a week. It keeps things hot and heavy and exciting around here.

I am not, however, a lover of all cookbooks. In fact, I have many that sit on the shelf gathering dust mites. I am rather picky that way. The Runner’s World Cookbook, however, is a HUGE keeper. Trust me on this one.

I picked four recipes to make. The first was one that I knew would be a slam dunk with my family: Quick ‘n’ Creamy Chicken Lasagna.


Unlike some lasagnas, it wasn’t a major pain in the ass to make. Taking a few shortcuts like using oven ready lasagna noodles and a jar of store bought sauce ensured that this came together quickly. The cream cheese gave it that perfect creamy texture. The kids awarded this dish 7/10 stars, while Ken and I thought it was an 8/10. Make for great leftovers too. Recipe HERE.


My second recipe choice was the Minestrone with Spring Vegetables. From September to May, I eat a lot of soup. Typically, I will make a big batch for myself on Sunday and eat it for lunches throughout the week. I have tried many, many minestrone recipes and have some favorites. But, I have to say, this one rates at the top.

The rich vegetable broth combined with two different kinds of beans (the recipe called for two cans of white beans but I substituted one can for kidney beans), peas, carrots and ditaline pasta made for a great combination. The addition of red pepper flakes gave it the perfect “kick.” Recipe HERE.


Next up was Red Beans and Rice with Turkey Sausage. We eat a TON of beans around here, (hence all of my farting) and beans and rice with hot sauce is a staple for us. This recipe was quite quick if you make the brown rice ahead of time. Using chicken or veggie broth to make the rice is essential to adding flavor (if you do make this one – it calls for 2 cups of dry rice - that is a TON of rice. I knocked it down to 1 1/2 and that was prefect). I loved the addition of thyme to this recipe, an herb I don’t usually put in my beans and rice. The family gave this one a solid 8/10. Clean plates all around.


Lastly, I did the most risky thing I have done in a long time. I closed my eyes, opened the book and pointed to a recipe. I promised myself that no matter what I would make it. I did this because I so often get drawn to the same types of things and wanted to branch out.

The winner? Greek Lima Bean Salad. This comes together in about five minutes flat. The combination of salty feta cheese, crunchy red peppers, chewy kalamata olives and tangy lemon juice makes for a great salad. If you are not a lover of limas (as I know many aren’t) you could substitute your favorite bean. Recipe HERE.


I tried four recipes and had four dishes I would definitely make again. I would say those are some great odds. There are many more recipes I want to try from this book.

Yes, Runner’s World sent me this book for review, but all opinions are mine. I have nothing to gain by telling you this is a worthwhile purchase for the cook/runner in your life. For $27, I say go for it. Or, splurge and get it for yourself. You deserve it and dammit I like you. Find it for purchase HERE.

Best new recipe you’ve tried lately?

Do you tend to go with stand byes or try new stuff?


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