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Rubber Stamping Close To My Heart

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Rubber Stamping Close To My HeartIt's no secret that "stampin'" is a growing craft.  It's fun, reasonably priced, and if you're not a confident illustrator and don't have a neat handwriting, then a little stamp magic can go a long way.  For my Valentines stamp & sticker challenge I made a piece of framed art.  Here's what I did;
  • I selected one good quality rubber stamp which read "friendship comes from the heart."
  • Then I selected some cheap dollar-store foam stamps.
  • On a piece of practice waste paper I designed a sort of square pattern around the main quote.
  • When I was confident with the layout, I laid a piece of lined writing paper under a piece of tracing paper, and used the lines as a guide to arrange the stamps, I recreated the desired pattern of stamps.
  • I left this to dry overnight for good measure, then used markers to trace the words and hearts.
  • Behind the tracing paper I laid a white rose-patterned  doily on top of pink card.
  • On top of the tracing paper I used some sticky-backed ribbon and a butterfly sticker.
  • Then placed the whole thing into a deliberately ornate and super feminine frame.

It's in the girls' shared bedroom and they love it; pink and blue are their favorite colours, and they love that it's "so pretty."
Not long to go now until V-Day - but there's still time to make something beautiful - so go on; get crafty!

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