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Rocklands in Motion

By Stangie @angiebradshaw

Welcome to our world tucked away in the Cederberg mountains of South Africa!

This short film was intended as a quick cut of my footage from the past few weeks for a presentation at the Mountain Club of South Africa.  Unfortunately my hard drive crashed an hour before the presentation, destroying all my underlying and unused footage. A terrific finale to the week I received my first climbing injury ever, a torn rotator-cuff. Just splendid!

Therefore, this is now the final and only cut the world will ever get to enjoy.  Sorry to those of you whose footage never made it. But you can take solace like I do in the image of my harddrive lounging on cloud nine with cute floppy discs on each arm and a margarita in hand.  Unfortunately, he’s kept company by a lot of other electronics once in my care.

So, go fill your rooibos mug, get a buttermilk rusk and settle down for 12 minutes of pure Rocklands sendage.

And let me know if you have any feedback for the next film (for when I’ve summoned back the will to live.)

As always, thank you Black Diamond, Beal and Saltic.  Now get watching already!


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