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Rocket Garden- KSC Visitor Complex

By Htam
Rocket Garden- KSC Visitor Complex

@ Kennedy Space Center, Florida

April 2012

A view of the Rocket Garden at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.  The Rocket Garden is an outdoor display of historic rockets that put Americans and satellites in space, dominated by the Saturn S-IB rocket displayed horizontally. All were genuine flight hardware with the exception of the Mercury-Atlas (center of photo), which is a replica. The Titan II (left) on display is a refurbished Air Force ICBM with a replica Gemini spacecraft, painted to resemble the Gemini 3 booster. The Saturn IB rockets launched Apollo Command/Service Modules into Earth orbit for Apollo, Skylab, and the Apollo–Soyuz Test Project. In March 2021 a Delta II launch vehicle was added to the collection.  Visitor Complex officials have reached out to SpaceX regarding the addition of a Falcon 9 or Falcon Heavy booster in the garden. Canon G9 photo.

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