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Rock... Paper... Chocolates?

By Fashiontofood @FashiontoFood
Rock... paper... chocolates?
Growing up in North Toronto, I remember going to Bulk Barn to get candy, cookies and what seemed like really strange combinations (peanut butter and cheese pretzels). It'd been a while since I'd entered the Barn. Since it's just Hungry Husband and I, we try to avoid as much "bulk" junk food as possible. But recently I was at Promenade Mall and walked by the yellow and red sign and decided to pop in. I grabbed a bag of sugar-free candy, quinoa flour, buckwheat and some baking powder. My basket filled up pretty quickly. And then I noticed these little chocolates. Chocolate Pebbles to be exact. Colourful little rocks. So pretty. I decided to fill up a bag. Figured they would look awesome in clear glass bowls. When our friends came over, a few of them were slightly perplexed/not convinced that it was indeed chocolate. Of course, a handful later, everyone agreed the rocks were delicious. I think these rocks would make a lovely addition to a wedding candy table or in colourful bags as thank you gifts.  Perhaps as decoration for a cake? Possibilities are endless really. Don't you think? Rock... paper... chocolates?
Mmmm. Yummy chocolate pebbles!
Have a great weekend. Rock... paper... chocolates?
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By michelle
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