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Rock Art

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
trapped in historyIt's no secret that we can all get stuck in a groovy-groove from time to time, and I'm still digitally manipulating photos for fun... more 'real' craft soon I promise... it's just so nice to do 'adult' things from time to time.
Polyvore, which I've spoken of before, allows you to upload images you find on the web (including your own sites) and then digitally manipulate them; letting you lay one on top of the other, two images deep or several images layered one after the other.   My thank you balloons were an example of multiple images layered one on top of the other, top right is an example of using only two images.
(The provenance of the bubble-blowing picture was just posted, and the stone carving photograph from Italy I also used on this blog while obsessing about how to balance children's needs with those of my own... nothing new; it's called parenting!)
As for craft... I'll do a post about crafty rock art of a different sort tomorrow!

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