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Robert Stark Interviews Rodrigo Herhaus De Campos

Posted on the 30 December 2015 by Calvinthedog

Interview here.

This seems to be a most interesting interview despite the pro-White stance. For a pro-White type, this fellow seems pretty moderate. Maybe Brazil is so far mixed that even the pro-Whites are pretty moderate.

We have some residents and former residents of Brazil among the commenters and we also have many pro-White types, so I would assume that a lot of readers would like to listen to this interview. I also wanted to listen to it as I know little about the South African and Brazilian angles this man is discussing. However, I found his accent so thick that I turned him off after about five minutes.

Let me know if you all want me to run anymore interview by this guy and whether you can tolerate his accent or not. Perhaps if you are used to hearing people speak English with a thick Portuguese accent, this may be more intelligible.

Topics include:

Rodrigo’s petition calling for the Right of Return for South African Whites.
How Whites are facing genocide in South Africa.
How the petition has gained widespread support.
The media coverage of the petition.
The separatist movement in the South of Brazil where Rodrigo is from.
The political dynamics of Brazil.
Race relations in Brazil.
How the main political divide in Brazil is economic rather than racial or cultural.

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