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Robert Stark Interview: Alt Left Chaos Magic with Brandon Adamson

Posted on the 01 September 2017 by Calvinthedog


You all should know who he is by now. He blogs under Rabbit at altleft.com and he is one of the very first early Alt Leftists. Although he is controversial due to racial views and his association with the Left Wing of the Alt Net, I still think he is one of our most important thinkers.

Furthermore, his racial views are exaggerated. I would say that the difference between the Alt Right AR and the Left Wing of the Alt Right (LWAR) is that the real AR types are real hardcore racists who are open about their views, have extreme views and are not afraid  to talk about them, often use slurs and and hostile language about non-Whites, and pose drastic solutions, usually some form of White Separatism which would not be completely nonviolent. They also use a lot of White Supremacist and Nazi imagery.

The LWAR, on the other hand, usually does not use slurs and hostile language towards non-Whites, and in fact they often do not discuss race much at all. I think Rabbit would mostly like to be writing about other things, and race is only a small part of his Alt Left project. The LWAR types have much less extreme views and propose relatively innocuous solutions to the racial question.

For instance, Rabbit says he does not with to harm any non-Whites in the US in any way and he doesn’t want to carve out a White state in the US, which would obviously require some type of ethnic cleansing. Instead, Rabbit takes a very long view and is much more of a dreamer. Sure he would rather not live around non-Whites, but he wants to establish his White State in places like Patagonia, Antarctica or even outer space. He sometimes describes himself as a “space Communist.” 

Given that the LWAR views on race are more polite and their solutions are fairly innocuous, I have a hard time understanding why Rabbit has become such a persona non grata in much of the Alt Left, especially considering that he was one of the founders.

I still believe that Rabbit is one of our finest and most important thinkers, and he is an excellent writer. In fact, he has a book of poems out called Beatnik Fascism. I imagine it’s pretty good. His views on nonracial matters are intelligent, important and deserve an audience. I get the feeling that Rabbit is uncomfortable writing about his racial views. I figure that is because he is basically a liberal or Leftist, let’s face it. And when Lefties go racist, they often don’t go too far down the line because there is always that liberal antiracist guilt nagging away at you causing you to tone down and attenuate your racial views. And it is for this reason that the LWAR will always be a lot more toned down and reasonable on race than the AR. Racists with a guilt complex usually can’t real far down that road they’re on. The guilt keeps pulling them back.

Alt Left Chaos Magic With Brandon Adamson

August 26, 2017

Robert Stark Interview: Alt Left Chaos Magic with Brandon Adamson

Note: Repost from the old blog.

Or 1 million American lives, plus countless Japanese lives (As if we cared about that!), plus British lives (Huh?).

My late father was quite fond of this one, as he was scheduled to be with the invading force for the invasion of Japan.

This bullshit has become ingrained in the minds of tens of millions of otherwise intelligent, sensible and liberal Americans, like my parents for instance. It’s a bunch of crap. After the bombs were dropped, no one made any efforts to explain the mass slaughter of civilians away with justifications about saving lots of lifes by massacring 300,000 others in a couple of days.

It was only after time went on and questions started arising about the need to drop those bombs in the first place that this choice piece of steaming propaganda crap steak was served up and fed to an American public hungry to have their guilt absolved.

There has long been consensus among historians, including US historians, that the 500,000 lives saved figure is complete nonsense. In fact, when scholars finally got access to all of the secret reports that the US had made on how many US lives were be saved by dropping the two bombs, the estimates concluded that no more than 20,000 US lives were saved by dropping atom bombs, and possibly much fewer, even down to zero.

Keep in mind that the Japanese were getting ready to surrender at the time. The military was devastated, and the nation was in ruins. The army and civilians were both going hungry, and there were shortages of everything. The whole society was near collapse.

The Japanese were negotiating terms of surrender with us, but there was a sticking point in that they wanted to keep the emperor. We said no way, and dropped the bomb. We dropped the second one before they even knew what hit them. Why did we drop two bombs, including the utterly gratuitous bomb at Nagasaki? Because that was all we had – two bombs. As it turned out, we let them keep their emperor anyway.

There is good evidence, knowing the depths of the evil and stinking gutters in which the worms of US imperialism have always slithered, that the bombs were dropped for the most part in order to scare the shit out of the USSR. Many historical analyses have stated that this was indeed the reason for dropping the bombs, or at least a secondary reason.

Considering scholarly consensus on this subject for at least 23 years, it’s incredible that the American people have never been told that the 500,000 figure is a big, fat, stinking lie. “Freedom of the press” and American “democracy”, what a joke.


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Robert Stark Interview: Alt Left Chaos Magic with Brandon Adamson

Robert Stark and co-host Sam Kevorkian talk to Brandon Adamson. Brandon blogs at AltLeft.com, is the author of Beatnik Fascism, and has a Youtube channel Self Checkout.


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