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Riled By Rag'N'Bone ...

Posted on the 24 October 2013 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog
We saw Bastille last week in Brixton, it was a truly brilliant set, but since then we've not been able to get one of the support acts out of our heads. Rag'N'Bone man, who started off the show, was one of the best vocalists we'd ever heard live and, whilst we appreciated his humbleness and somewhat lack of charisma, we couldn't help but think about him.
Riled By Rag'N'Bone ...We've managed to find a track that we'd heard live, recorded and (sort of) produced. It's called Reuben's Train and, my word, you wouldn't believe how crisp he comes across ... though, this isn't the production that does it, this is genuinely how he sounds.
It is evident that he tends to focus on the bluesy type of music. There's never a fast pace, and never any sort of drop, which is what we reckon makes him stand apart from the norm at the moment ... we adore the idea that his own sense of ownership comes before the branding and prodding of industry bigwigs, allowing him to offer this absolute masterpiece.
The backing is made up of more vocals. It's almost gospel-like in its prowess but, as we've previously stated, works as some sort of masterpiece. Like a calling from a wolf in the night, the tribal vocal lays down the foundations for the booming voice of Rag'N'Bone man to seek out the truth. He has an incredible conviction throughout in what is, essentially, what the world is missing in terms of vocal ability.
We're yet to hear a lot more from him, but given that he has a voice like this, we don't see why this man can't reach for the bloody stars. With something a little faster paced, we believe the world would latch on ... though, we'd never want him to compromise his amazing talent for that recognition.

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