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Rihanna's MAC Cosmetics Promo Look Inspired Eye Makeup - Tutorial

By Get Set Blush @GetSet_Blush
Hey people.. As the title says.. It is the eye makeup post and unfortunately it is my first ever inspired eye makeup. Rihanna has always been my favorite artist and I love all her songs and I can sing most of her songs without looking at the lyrics. lol (exaggerating eh :P) Apart from her voice and songs, I loove her life style and I don't care attitude. That attitude is clearly seen in her makeup,hair styles and her dressing.
When MAC Cosmetics paired up Rihanna and the whole collection is like a fairy tale. but way too raunchy and hot. The colours were chosen to be bold reds/maroons just like her.
Last week, MAC Cosmetics posted a picture of Rihanna and I was totally smitten by the smokey eyes. Sadly, I do not own a brown eye pencil. So, I ended up using the brown eye shadow from the SLEEK's Storm palette. Rihanna's MAC Cosmetics Promo Look Inspired Eye makeup - Tutorial Whatsoever, it is a TOTAL FAIL!!! :D And I am not embarrassed about posting this, because I feel this makes a neutral eye makeup look for the on going festive season. I already created a wrong look and I am not ashamed to post a tutorial on that. (face palming myself) Step 1: Start off by applying some primer all over the eye lid and dust it with some compact for the better staying time of the eye shadow. DSC02765 Step 2:
Take some black kohl and apply it on your waterline.
DSC02765 Step 3:
I am comfortable if I tightline my eyes at the beginning rather at the end. This is the closer look of the upper and lower water lined eye. To tightline my eye, I use Hashmi's kajal stick. The stick is pretty comfortable to line the upper the waterline.
DSC02767 Step 4:
Take kohl pencil/kajal pencil and draw a bit thick line on the upper lashline.
I have used the Lakme eyeconic kajal pencil.
DSC02771 Step 5:
Apply the black kohl on the lower lashline but not so thick.
DSC02768 Step 6:
Now using a smudging brush or your fore finger try to smudge the kohl on both the lashlines.
DSC02773 Step 7:
Take a brown eye shadow and apply it all over the eye lid and on the lower lash line of the eye. ( I think, you are supposed to use a brown eye pencil on the lower lashline so as to get the exact smudging effect.)
I used the brown eye shadow from the SLEEK Makeup's Storm Palette.
DSC02776 Step 8:
Apply the kohl again on the upper lashline and smudge it towards the outer corner of the eye.
DSC02778 Step 9:
Apply loads of mascara. I used the Maybelline's waterproof mascara. (if you are comfortable, try applying falsies.)
DSC02798 And you are done !!! DSC02801 Start posing now :D
DSC02804 please don't mind my hair and my photography skills.. I just tried :P
DSC02813 ps:
I know, I didn't even do a bit of what she is wearing. But if you are a regular visitor of my blog
you must have concluded that I don't cant do eye makeup.
I would love to learn from you.
Please feel free to share any tips and tricks.
Thanks in advance :):)

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