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Review: Peter Pan’s Shadow Part 2: Everland (Dream Theatre)

By Chicagotheaterbeat @chitheaterbeat

Review: Peter Pan’s Shadow Part 2: Everland (Dream Theatre)   
Peter Pan’s Shadow
   Part Two: Everland

Written and Directed by Jeremy Menekseoglu
at Dream Theatre, 556 W. 18th (map)
thru June 10  |  tickets: $15-$22   |  more info
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Who knew so much could occur in a crocodile’s belly?


Review: Peter Pan’s Shadow Part 2: Everland (Dream Theatre)


Dream Theatre presents


Peter Pan’s Shadow Part 2: Everland

Review by J.H. Palmer

Peter Pan’s Shadow Part Two: Everland is the second installment of a three part original series written by Jeremy Menekseoglu that delves into the backstory and impact of Peter Pan. In Part One (our review here, 3.5 stars), Menekseoglu explores the darker themes and consequences of Peter Pan’s refusing to grow up, and what that means for those around him. Part Two goes to the post-story that we rarely consider:

Review: Peter Pan’s Shadow Part 2: Everland (Dream Theatre)
what happens after Captain Hook and Peter Pan’s sister – The Shadow, are swallowed by a giant crocodile.

The atmosphere of the story begins even before the play begins; costumed actors in the anteroom playing with puppets, and the wall just outside the theater has a shelf lined with artificial butterflies in mason jars. Upon entering the theater itself, audience members are treated to Annelise Lawson’s background illustrations projected onto a screen. Puppetry is used in abundance – in the prelude the crocodile is represented by two actors holding halves of a crocodile puppet who whisk Captain Hook (Jeremy Menokseoglu) and Peter Pan’s Shadow (Anna W. Menekseoglu) into the belly of the beast.

Act One is introduced with titles projected onscreen, and the opening bars of Amadeus’s Requiem. Peter Pan’s Shadow and Captain Hook confer on their predicament, the dialog punctuated by moments of absurd chivalry and enlightenment. “What are you doing to me?” Shadow asks when Hook puts his arm around her. “Consoling you, dear lady,” he replies. When Shadow stops speaking there is a silence of a moment or two, and when there’s no response from Hook he says “I’m sorry, I thought there was to be a monolog.”

Review: Peter Pan’s Shadow Part 2: Everland (Dream Theatre)
Hook and Shadow are both missing essential parts of themselves – Hook is missing his eponymous appendage, which he refers to lovingly as “Sweet Sally,” and Shadow is missing Peter Pan. “I’ll always live in his shadow,” she says of him. An absurd character named Mr. Skylights (Chad Sheveland) has absconded with Sweet Sally, and taunts Hook with this fact whenever he can.   Hook and Shadow travel to various parts of the crocodile, where they share various experiences, such as being terrorized by giant butterflies. 

The puppetry and projected illustrations in this piece lend an extra dimension to the fanciful storyline. I’m curious what the experience would be like to see all three installations of this trilogy; the final chapter, Peter Pan’s Shadow Part Three: Foreverland, is due in September.  I’m looking forward to it!


Rating: ★★½



Peter Pan’s Shadow Part Two: Everland continues through June 10th at Dream Theatre, 556 W. 18th Street (map), with performances Thursdays-Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays 7pm.  Tickets are $15-$22, and are available at the door or online at (check for half-price tickets at More info at  (Running time: 90 minutes, includes one 10-minute intermission)

All photos by Giau Truong


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