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Review: Mama Never Told Me Books

By Writes4nappies @writes4nappies

Review: Mama Never Told Me books
The “Mama Never Told Me” books are based on real comments made to Emily Van Do during her pregnancy and early days of motherhood, with cartoon illustrations by g.f. Newland. You can tell from the image on the cover that these are not books about being a yummy mummy! As a mommy who spends a lot of time wearing stretchy trousers covered in biscuits and baby snot, I can certainly relate to this!
Review: Mama Never Told Me booksThe Mama Never Told Me books are a funny, quick and easy read that give you an insight into the shocking comments that many of us mums have experiences while pregnant or as a new mother. I remember when I was pregnant with my baby boy I was constantly being told how enormous I was, how uncomfortable I must be (erm, yeah, duh!), how much bigger I was carrying than other women at the same stage of pregnancy, along with the usual theories on the sex of the baby. It is amazing how much you seem to become public property as soon as your baby bump starts showing. Even though I had been warned about it, the way total strangers would chip in with unwanted - an extremely personal! - comments really shocked me!
These books seem to me like books that you would definitely buy as a gift rather than for yourself. I think these books would make a really fun gift for a pregnant friend, and would make a great talking point at a baby shower. They feel young, fresh and fun and provide a nice bit of light relief at a time when you can find yourself bogged down in worries, decisions and concerns: sometimes don’t know whether to laugh or cry (or both at once, darned hormones!), but these books definitely remind you of the funny side of this strange time in your life around having a baby.  It is nice to read these books and see that Emily has had the same experiences, I definitely felt like I could relate to her and that she was the kind of person I would like to go for coffee with and share experiences!
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