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Review: Lindt Lindor Collection Gift Box

By Writes4nappies @writes4nappies
Review: Lindt Lindor Collection Gift BoxI must say, when I was asked if I’d like to review the new Lindor Collection Gift Box in time for Mothers Day (the 18th March, write it down now!), I pretty much bit their hand off. Really and truly, Lindor are my go-to chocolates to give anyone, including myself. I just LOVE them, every colour, every variety, any time, any place. Basically, if you like chocolate, you can’t fail to like Lindor, which is why, if in doubt about a present, I always go for them, knowing they are a universal crowd-pleaser. Perhaps I am not the most objective person to review this box of chocolates, but hey, at least I’m already an expert on the subject in question...Previously I have only bought the red boxes of Lindor (milk chocolate, the original variety) and the mixed boxes you can get, which contain milk (red), plain (black), white (gold) and hazelnut (brown) varieties. So imagine my surprise to learn that there are another two varieties, hitherto unknown to me, in this collection, Yes, you read that right, there are MORE flavours!As well as the familiar mix, this box also contains... wait for it... Stracciatella and Irish Cream flavours! Yu-u-m! The Irish cream variety (bronze wrapper) improves on the original by adding a cheeky hint of booze, in that mum’s favorite tipple flavor ideal for pairing with creamy milk chocolate. Stracciatella (light blue wrapper) may be unfamiliar to many, but it is a classic Italian ice cream flavor that pretty much equates to chocolate chip. Here, it reminded me of other cookies and cream flavor chocolates I’ve had before, creamy white chocolate with little dark chocolate chips swirled through. In addition to the regular round Lindor truffles in all these flavours, the box also contains three sweet little heart-shaped milk chocolate Lindor, which would make the box an ideal Valentine’s gift to bear in mind for next year as well.So, apart from the fact that the chocolates are delicious, as you might expect, what makes this box of chocolates worth buying compared to regular Lindor? As you can see from the main image, these are presented much more as a traditional box of chocolates, laid out in a gold tray within a lidded box decorated with ribbon. To me, they do look like more of a special gift than an ordinary box of Lindor (not that there’s anything wrong with them!) and more suited to a special occasion. Where you would perhaps take a normal box of Lindor as a gift when you go for dinner at someone’s house, this looks more expensive and impressive, ideal as a birthday gift or, as Lindt suggest, the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Since I would often give my mom Lindor for Mother’s Day, this box is definitely something I would consider purchasing in future.I would say that this box definitely has more wow factor, and the RRP of £9.99 is pretty much on a par with what I would expect to pay for this sort of thing. And I would DEFINITELY recommend that you try the two new flavours, they are so delicious. What a shame I had to sacrifice my diet for the good of this feature, but that’s how dedicated I am...Website: Retails at £9.99 for a 285g box, though they are currently reduced to £7.99 on the Lindt website.

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